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With the kids back in school, it’s time to take some much needed time to take care of yourself! Reset your habits this Fall with help from the Dr. Katie Detox program. The Dr. Katie Detox offers 5-day on demand and 10-day seasonal health resets emphasizing nutrient-dense food and gentle improvements to your daily rhythms in partnership with Well Refined health coaching and with meal delivery in collaboration with SoireeCT Catering.

The program was created by Dr. Katie Takayasu, an Integrative Medicine doctor and Courtney Evans, Certified Health Coach and coach of the Dr. Katie Detox programs. Together, they’ve created the perfect option for us busy moms who want to practice some self care, feel good and learn portion control, in addition to how to build a balanced plate.

Want to learn more? Dr. Katie is answering all of your detox questions below!

How does a detox work?
Detoxing with Dr. Katie is holistic and encompasses a reset of your body, as well as your mind and spirit. We have two programs available:

10-day Dr. Katie Detox is offered seasonally (next starts September 19) with an optional 10 days of meal delivery by Chef Lisa and the full-spectrum experience of getting real-time support from me and Coach Courtney along with a community of Detoxers. Our hope is if you push the easy button with the 10-day meal delivery that you’ll be inspired to make some nutritious food in your own kitchen using our incredible recipes. Our philosophy centers on building healthy rhythms with movement, sleep and connection to the Self that fuel you.

5-day Dr. Katie Detox (DKD) Intensive with 5 days of meal delivery by Chef Lisa is our quicker, get-down-to-business reset guided by my quick daily online videos and Coach Courtney’s health tips. The program is available on-demand anytime, and our food delivery option is scheduled for about twice monthly (next is September 7 or 20).

Why is September a good time to do a detox?
With a slight bias, every time is a good time to reset the body! September is especially great because the change in seasons and beginning of fall sparks renewal in our brain and body. Investing in a detox in September will hopefully begin your journey and embed healthy habits into your routine for the fall and winter.

Will I be hungry during the detox?
Detoxers have a range of experiences. Some might feel physical symptoms or some sugar withdrawal, which is often felt in our heads. I encourage detoxers to listen to their body and respond with the tools they learn. The goal of the detox is not to feel hungry, so if someone has a true, deep stomach hunger, food is appropriate (with plant-forward options, naturally!). If it’s sugar withdrawal or a mental hunger, I suggest a range of beverages or teas, taking a walk, calling a friend, changing projects or tasks, or simply lying down to listen to our Wellness Intuition. Our Wellness Intuition is our own internal sense of what feels good and is going on in the body, and we often don’t listen because it’s not convenient. Detoxing with me is an opportunity to guide yourself into listening and responding to what your body truly needs.

What health benefits does a detox have?
I partner with Coach Courtney of Well Refined and Chef Lisa of SoireeCT to bring the magic to life! Our program is an opportunity to prioritize your wellness by bringing attention to your nutrition and other supportive wellness rituals to create harmony and balance in the body. We prioritize nourishing and nutrient-dense recipes and organic ingredients that will leave you feeling energized, detoxified and balanced within a matter of a few days.

What will happen to my energy level?
I hope you leave the detox feeling energized. During these 10 days, you’ll be detoxing alongside the supportive and upbeat Dr. Katie Detox Community, with frequent interaction via WhatsApp with them, Coach Courtney and me. You’ll be fueled by our collective knowledge, support and kindness. Like most times in life, there are days your energy could dip while your body is doing hard work. Reaching out and engaging with the community can help you energy rebound and fuel others on their journey.

What happens after a detox? What kind of diet should I stick with to maximize the benefits?
The simple answer is a diet that works for you in your life. Everyone is different. We all need to listen to our individual needs – what I call your Wellness Intuition. I recommend a plant forward diet, and of course keep in mind the 80/20 rule which allows for flexibility. I hope the detox begins you on the journey to discovering what feels good to you. I recommend you consider pre-ordering my book which comes out in November. In Plants First, I’ll share more about why a plant-forward diet is helpful to longevity, disease prevention and the management of chronic health conditions. It will help you build plant-rich food into your diet using practical, easy ways and the 40 plant-rich recipes provided!

As a busy mom, how will a detox fit into my schedule?
As a fellow mom, I know you’re capable of everything. We are the superheroes of the family. The detox is all about you and empowering you to adjust your routine or habits to embrace changes that will fuel you. The detox will fit into the schedule that you customize for yourself during our 10 days together. Most information is provided via email or videos that you can watch at a time that works for you, and we give you specific advice on batch cooking and ways to stock your fridge. We want you to feel well.

How can I get started with the Dr. Katie Detox?
If you made it to the last question, your mind is telling you to find out more! Visit my website here, for more information and find a day that works for you. I recommend starting out with our 10-day Dr. Katie Detox this September, and I look forward to supporting you on your journey!

About Dr. Katie

Dr. Katie Takayasu is an Integrative Medicine doctor with a passion for plant-rich cooking and finding balance in lifestyle rhythms. She combines traditional Western medicine with complementary modalities like acupuncture, mind-body medicine, botanicals, and nutrition to help patients holistically achieve their goals. She’s a proponent of nutrient-dense food, joyful movement, plentiful rest, and attendance to the Spiritual Self as a way to ground the whole body, mind + spirit.

She works at Stamford Health’s Center for Integrative Medicine + Wellness and built to share her passion for lifestyle balance and cooking. She developed the 10-day Dr. Katie Detox several years ago as a way to connect with clients and teach them the skills to reset their health harnessing their body’s innate natural detoxification, believing we can have better health by listening to our body’s internal wisdom.

Clients work with Dr. Katie in her medical practice or privately 1:1 in her bespoke Wellness Insights coaching where they focus on developing each client’s individual Wellness Intuition. To learn more, visit

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