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We are all looking for the perfect photos to keep as a memory of our children at every stage! And Spring is a beautiful time of year to book a family photoshoot.
But, styling and planning for family photos can be a stressful ordeal for us moms! If you’re looking for some advice to cut down on the anxiety of styling and planning your spring photos, we asked a few wonderful local photographers for their suggestions!

Check out their tips below and be sure to check our Family Photographer Resource Page for a list of local photographers!

Tips from Cari Miller

Tip #1: Make gatherings a photographic moment

Family spring gatherings are a perfect time to capture your current moments!

Tip #2: Include pets!

Include your fur baby for some “real life” images that you will cherish for a lifetime.

Tips from Cortney Wood Photography

Tip #1: Keep noses warm!

Beware of little red noses on chilly spring mornings.

Tip #2: Laugh!

Always try to make people laugh. Laughter yields the best images.

Tips from Courtney Souza

Tip #1: PLAY

Playing with your children will bring out their natural smiles (always the goal) and yield the most beautiful, engaging images. Most importantly, years from now your children will love looking back on images of you playing with them.


Moms generally take most of their family photographs. As a result, there are usually twenty photographs of dad and the kids to every one photograph of mom and the kids. If this sounds familiar, ask the photographer to take a few of just you and your children. You’ll be really grateful you did!

Tips from Karen Kahn,
Looking Up Photography


Your family portraits are all about you. That means they should convey your personality and style preferences. It’s important to be yourself during your session, so wear something that reflects you. If you wear something you’d typically never put on, you’ll probably feel uncomfortable, and that may show in your images.

Keep it simple, so the emphasis is on you! It’s best to stick with earth or muted tones so that your faces and your personalities are the main focus. Also, neutral tones will work well with every décor so no matter where you hang your portraits they will be sure to blend well in your home. Build a color palette with one or two neutral tones and an accent tone. When planning for larger groups stay in one color family, but avoid matching outfits.

A few nights before your session, lay out all the clothes you’ll wear. Make sure everything is ironed and clean. It’s also a good idea to get a quick manicure (guys, too!), a haircut, and even treat yourself to hair and make-up at the salon prior to the session. Be sure to look your best, so you will feel your best during the session.

Some final wardrobe tips:

Do… wear soft, neutral, muted, earth tones, bare feet, thin layers, fitted, flattering clothing & natural make-up.
Don’t… wear large bold patterns or prints, neon colors, all black or all white, thick clothing, baggy clothing, heavy make-up, or heavy tanning.


Getting everyone to cooperate and get ready can be stressful. On the day of your session be sure everyone is well rested and fed. Remember to give yourself and your kids plenty of time to get ready so that you don’t feel rushed.

During the session, allow your photographer to do her job. If you’ve chosen your photographer well, she will have tricks up her sleeve to help make your family smile. When mom and dad tell their kids to smile or behave, the kids usually rebel. By allowing your photographer to take charge, she can capture genuine personalities, and not forced or fake smiles.

Be prepared for some fun and silliness. When children get fidgety I like to suggest tickle fights, staring contests, thumb wars and more… so that I can capture those precious and real moments of love and joy.

Most importantly, have fun! If you focus on enjoying yourselves during your session, you will create precious memories along with beautiful imagery. It’s not just about the end result, but also about the experience. If everyone enjoys themselves, then next time your kids will be more likely to get excited for family portraits!

Tips from Mima Fiorino


Always find the shade- This time of year we have beautiful flowers blooming but if you are in full sun your images look streaky. Always look for even light under a tree besides a building.


Watch the background – Always look for a clean background no tree limbs behind someone’s head!

Bonus Tip: The time of the day is so important – get up early or shoot until late.

Tips from Carolyn,
Tesora Photography


Take the opportunity to do photos to treat yourself to some pampering! A fresh blowout and professional makeup application can really add to your investment, and be a great reason to go out to dinner after.  After a year of not dressing up, I’ve had so many moms say that using photos as a reason to have their hair or makeup done makes them feel beautiful and put together.


Go in with the expectation that kids don’t sit still. My favorite and best family portraits include movement (like walking or running together), and can really capture children in their natural, fun element.  Starting a session without the pressure of your kids sitting still for a long time, and you will be so much more relaxed.

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