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Have you been thinking that you need to reset your habits, but you’re not sure when will be the right time? Well, now is the right time! With help from the Dr. Katie Detox program your reset will be exactly what your body and soul need. The Dr. Katie Detox offers 5-day on demand and 10-day seasonal health resets emphasizing nutrient-dense food and gentle improvements to your daily rhythms in partnership with Well Refined health coaching and with meal delivery in collaboration with SoireeCT Catering. The next two 5-day resets begin on October 4 and October 18!

The program was created by Dr. Katie Takayasu, an Integrative Medicine doctor and Courtney Evans, Certified Health Coach and coach of the Dr. Katie Detox programs. Together, they’ve created the perfect option for us busy moms who want to practice some self care, feel good and learn portion control, in addition to how to build a balanced plate.

Want to learn more about how the meal delivery portion of the detox works? Dr. Katie is answering your questions below!

How does a detox work?

 We have two programs available:

The 10-day Dr. Katie Detox offered seasonally (next is January 23) with an optional 10 days of meal delivery by Chef Lisa and the full-spectrum experience of getting real-time support from me and Coach Courtney along with a rich community of Detoxers. Our hope is if you push the easy button with 10-day delivery that you’ll be inspired to make some nutritious food in your own kitchen using our incredible recipes. Our philosophy centers on building healthy rhythms with movement, sleep and connection to the self that fuel you.

Our 5-day Dr. Katie Detox (DKD) Intensive with an optional 5 days of meal delivery by Chef Lisa is our quicker, get-down-to-business reset guided by my quick daily online videos and Coach Courtney’s health tips. The program is available on-demand anytime, and our food delivery option is scheduled for every other week throughout each season. Look here for more dates. 

How does the meal delivery work for the Detox?  

Meal delivery is optional during our Detox, available to those who live in Darien, Stamford, Greenwich, Norwalk, Westport and New Canaan. If you’re in a neighboring town, we can reach you with a delivery surcharge. We drop off meals for the next day (breakfast, lunch and dinner) by 7:30 each night and pick up your pyrex glass containers when delivering the next day. The meal delivery offers an easy button for preparing yourself the meals and food needed to support your detox. If you find joy in cooking, a recipe book is offered with the supporting details.

Are there instructions on what to eat for each meal?  

I hesitate using the word instructions. Our meal delivery has a daily menu that provides breakfast, lunch and dinner plus a snack for each day – all individually packaged in glassware that’s ready to go for reheating or straight from the fridge. You’ll find it to be the ultimate in convenience and a self-care treat!  

If you’re not doing meal delivery, ask yourself what your body needs. If it needs salmon, spinach and avocado for breakfast, go for it.  Steel cut oatmeal with cashew butter and fruit for dinner? I’m game. Listen to your body — provide it with nutrient-dense food and the flavors that awake your palate. I ask those participating to focus on vegetables, fruits, whole grains, healthy plant fats, plant proteins and less organic fish/meats. If you’re looking to invest in discovering actions that best support your body and taste buds, take a look at my 1-on-1 Wellness Insights where we do the deeper digging into the whys and hows of the whole body system.

In November, you will include the first recipe from your new book in the meal delivery! Can you tell us a little about that meal and why you decided to include it?  

Writing Plants First and developing the recipes was a true act of love, something I wanted to share with all of you because of my sincere passion for the kitchen and nutrient-dense food. Using my favorite recipes from the book for meal delivery during our 5-day detox running Nov 15-19 is a way I can bring a Plants First diet even closer to home. I invite you to sign up for the detox, sample the Plants First recipes, and pre-order the book

What is your favorite meal on the detox?

That’s a tough question!  I love all of my Plants First  recipes, so it really depends on what time or what day you catch me. Today I’m really craving my Kale and Quinoa Greek Salad, but yesterday when it was cooler I wanted Creamy Roasted Broccoli Soup. This weekend my boys were loving Slow Cooker Apple Pie Oatmeal for breakfast which I let them “decorate” with raisins, almonds and drizzles of nut butter. I invite you to sign up for the Plants First detox and sample the recipes for yourself and, of course, pre-order the book!  

After the detox, what kind of diet should I stick with to maximize the benefits?

The simple answer is a diet that works for you in your life. Everyone is different. We all need to listen to our individual needs – what I call your Wellness Intuition. I recommend a plant-forward diet, and of course keep in mind the 80/20 rule which allows for flexibility and for you to enjoy each and every food. Nothing is evil in my book and all has its place on your plate in the right balance. I hope detoxing with us begins you on the journey to discovering what feels good to you.

About Dr. Katie

Dr. Katie Takayasu is an Integrative Medicine doctor with a passion for plant-rich cooking and finding balance in lifestyle rhythms. She combines traditional Western medicine with complementary modalities like acupuncture, mind-body medicine, botanicals, and nutrition to help patients holistically achieve their goals. She’s a proponent of nutrient-dense food, joyful movement, plentiful rest, and attendance to the Spiritual Self as a way to ground the whole body, mind + spirit.

Dr. Katie is the author of Plants First: A Physician’s Guide to Wellness Through a Plant-Forward Diet, a practical, sustainable approach for those wanting to decrease inflammation and improve overall lifestyle balance. She works in Fairfield County and built to share her passion for lifestyle balance and cooking. She developed the 10-day Dr. Katie Detox several years ago as a way to connect with clients and teach them the skills to reset their health harnessing their body’s innate natural detoxification, believing we can have better health by listening to our body’s internal wisdom.

Clients can work with Dr. Katie privately 1:1 in her bespoke Wellness Insights practice where they focus on developing each client’s individual Wellness Intuition, which is Dr. Katie’s approach to truly listening to the body. To learn more, visit

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