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by Staci Zampa, The Way We See It!

One thing about authentic Southern barbeque is that it is extremely difficult to find. Even though there are some decent spots in Stamford that satisfy our taste buds from time to time, getting a truly unforgettable culinary experience is something that is worth traveling for.


The Cue is hands down our favorite place to go to when we have a hankering for delicious smoked meats, ribs, and the endless Southern side dishes that makes the hour drive from Stamford, CT extremely worth it. Located in the Candlewood Lake area in Danbury, The Cue focuses on highlighting homegrown American specialties, which can be seen when pulling into the parking lot and spotting the massive 24 foot6≥ smoker where all of the food is being cooked.

The minute you walk into the restaurant, you will instantly feel right at home thanks to the specific attention to detail of every design, ranging from the menus to the setting of the tables. The giant bar (with over 50 different types of American bourbon and whiskey, representing over 25 different states) is absolutely magnificent and re-established the log-cabin aesthetic of the restaurant as a whole. Moving away from the astounding decor and build of the restaurant as a whole, the service was not only friendly but also incredibly accommodating. They do an amazing job of making you feel as if you are eating dinner at a friend’s house in the best way possible, and were able to help me narrow down my choice of drink, being that there were so many options to try.

For those who prefer mixed drinks, the Texas Mule was incredible, but if you are more so in the mood for beer they also have a ton of different options on tap and specialty choices as well. As for food, mid-winter is the perfect time to eat oysters, and even though this is a true-to-heart barbeque restaurant, The Cuehad some of the best oysters on the half shell that we have had in years. Even though we were trying to save room for the main course, the cornbread (warm and freshly baked) and fried pickles (coated in a crunchy cornmeal breading, creating the perfect briny and sweet bite) were absolutely delectable.

Being that we went to The Cue for a birthday dinner, we decided that we had to go big or go home, so we ordered the Table for 4 platter. We were not prepared for a giant cutting board to be brought to the table, spilling over with some of the best barbeque we have had yet. The ribs were moist and tender, but not overcooked (which you can tell by seeing how easily they come off of the bone (if they have a little bit of pull yet are tender and succulent, they are perfectly cooked).

The brisket had a thick pink ring on the outside, which showed how deep the smoke was able to penetrate into the meat itself, and literally melted in our mouths. Not only was the pulled pork a perfect balance of crispy outer skin and fatty meat, but it was also slightly tangy and seasoned well. We also had smoked chicken and sausage, which were crispy and even better when paired with the four types of BBQ sauces they brought to the table (the classic BBQ sauce was sweet and carried a little bit of heat, and the apricot horseradish was surprisingly fruity and added spice to the meat).

Of course we had to have a variety of side dishes, including the manchego and truffle mac and cheese (the singular best thing we had all night, which says a lot), the collard greens, the crunchy and vinegary slaw, and the classic baked beans and mashed potatoes (topped with a luscious and deeply flavorful gravy). Being a family of big eaters, it shows that the amount of food being served was more than enough by still having a decent amount of leftovers for the next day, and putting us all in the best food coma we have ever had from BBQ food.

Whether you are near Danbury or an hour away, The Cue is a must visit restaurant for everyone! Even with the drive, we will be sure to frequent,  because once you find good Southern barbeque in the Northeast, you absolutely cannot let it go.

The Cue
2 Pembroke Road, Danbury, CT 06811
(203) 207-4669

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