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As parents, we’re consumed with our children’s medical care. From finding the right pediatrician to agonizing over their every sniffle and making sure they’re up to date on wellness checks! But what about us? We often forget that we also need a primary care provider and need to schedule our own wellness trips with the doctor. DOCS Medical Group in Stamford explains the impact on your overall health.

What is primary care?

Primary care is your first point of care and the most important member of your health care team. A Primary Care Provider (PCP) should provide your annual wellness visits and oversee all other preventive medicine that is needed to keep you healthy and that any ongoing chronic conditions are managed well. Prevention is key to ensuring you stay healthy and that any issues are caught before they escalate. So, your PCP can provide health education and referrals to specialists and follow you long term so they are familiar with your medical history and with you as a person.

Why is prevention important?

According to the American Academy of Family Physicians, an increase of one primary care doctor per 10,000 people has been shown to result in:


  • 5% decrease in outpatient visits
  • 5.5% decrease in inpatient admissions
  • 10.9% decrease in ER visits
  • 7.2% decrease in surgeries
DOCS also says adults with a primary care provider have 19% lower odds of premature death that those who only see specialists. They also have 33% lower costs on healthcare than those who see only specialists.

It’s important to keep in mind that urgent care, emergency room, and primary care aren’t interchangeable. Each has a very different function. A patient goes to the emergency room in a life threatening situation. An ER visit is also expensive and time consuming. An urgent care is ideal for immediate attention in the event of anything from coughs/colds, rashes, cuts, to ear infections and X-rays. Primary care should be first stop for any non-emergent issues, wellness checkups, immunizations, screenings, etc.

How can DOCS Medical Group help?

DOCS brings you the best of both worlds, allowing for your urgent issues and preventive issues to be taken care of in the same place. The offices offer preventative tools such as testing, vaccinations, and physicals, in addition to urgent care services.

DOCS Medical Group has 15 urgent care locations across the state of Connecticut and 17 total, including one in Stamford at 2001 West Main Street. If you have injury or illness that requires urgent medical attention, but is not life threatening or you’re in need of a primary care provider, visit one of their locations. When you need health care services, your information is available regardless of which provider you see at a DOCS Medical Group location.

DOCS accepts all insurance.

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