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As the leaves begin to fall and you’ve moved from outdoor bar-b-ques to indoor scrabble you might be asking yourself “how the hell did my house get so outdated?”. Well it may just be time for a re-fresh and a Hot Toddy. So let’s begin; If you’re wondering what the new gray is or whether to hang on to your Flokati, look no further than….


Jewel-toned velvets may still be reigning supreme, but there’s a new kid on the block taking a cue from fall fashion: no1. Shearling Everything. Yep, the shearling trend has made a leap from your fuzzy slippers to dressing room stools then right up onto your living room sofa. Shearling (as opposed to its cheap-looking counterpart Mongolian Sheepskin) lies flat so as to accentuate the lines of a piece. Then there’s that warm, fuzzy, casual quality that’s oh so yummy for fall. Particularly successful is the classic Lamino Chair by Yngve Ekstrom, shown here in pale oyster shaved shearling. We love this chair, however trend no2. Beige, but not Boring is nudging out gray this season.

Designer credit: 1st Dibs

Designer Credit: Unknown

Uniting earth and soul in a warm embrace. Whoa…too much? Sepia, sand, buff, oatmeal camel, Khaki, biscuit, café au lait….re-thinking beige in a world gone gray is most importantly flattering. There’s a feminine quality to beige, which when paired with bronze, antique brass, and warm woods create intimacy in any room. Ok staying put on the color wheel let’s move to the inside scoop on trend no3. Light, Natural Wood Floors. We’re not talking bleached white of the ‘80s, but shades of birch, white oak and pine, stripped down to their natural essence, are breathing fresh air and openness into interiors. But hey….. don’t get bored! We’re getting our groove back with trend no4. More Color in the Kitchen! The uber over-published, seamless, boneless, vein-less, trim-less, all-white kitchen has given way to a cool, moody, eclectic vibe that’s rich and inviting. Nightwatch, PPG’s Pantone 2019 Color of the Year, is trending in kitchens everywhere.

Designer credit: Trendir

Designer credit: Courage & Co

Designer credit: Michael Maher

These natural green and blue hues, found in the deep ocean, dense forest and the night sky, although quite dark, are soothing and comforting. “The kitchen is absolutely a key place for color,” says Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, one of the premier color forecasters in the country. “It’s the place where people gather, so it’s apt to have some mixing and matching of colors to create high energy.” It’s even predicted that there will be “more concrete, stone, copper and granite composite sinks in darker hues of gray, bronze or black”, but I’m not holding breath on this one. Trend no4a. Backsplashes. As homeowners are opting out of wall cabinets altogether (in favor of open shelves or windows) backsplashes are assuming a front row seat. Gone are the 3×5 subway tiles in favor of glass, metallics, bold graphic patterns, faux woods, stone and color! The kitchen above, designed by Michael Maher, features the next trend that I am personally welcoming with my big open heart. no5. Floral Wallpapers and Fabrics! “The traditional beauty of floral patterns either abstracted or straight up chintz, will be the pattern to use” in 2019, Says Erin Gates of Erin Gates Interiors. Floral motifs have evolved quite a bit over the years and it’s actually fascinating to trace their history through the decades – where they’ve been, are now and are going in the future. But I digress. Dark, photo-realistic florals (wallpaper above), Scandinavian and Joseph Frank-style florals, Indian hand-blocked geometric florals and stylized florals are enjoying a popularity for the first time in the post-Armani years. Now I’ve always been a fan of using art in fresh and unexpected ways, but I particularly like a trend I’m calling.

Designer credit: Courage & Co

Designer credit: Kerri Rosenthal

no6. Jumbo Art. Not that there’s anything wrong with gallery walls. They tell our personal stories with pictures, but they can be hard to build and appear busy. One (and done!) big ol’ piece of art can become the room, inform the room, envelope the room. This playful piece by artist and interior designer Kerri Rosenthal (a Westport resident and gallery owner) is a perfect example of the power of “BIG”. Kerri’s nursery brings us to our next trend 7.Modern Boho with a Twist. The modern bohemian aesthetic is characterized by layers. We’ve seen the layering of patterned fabrics and textures before, but this time it’s cleaner and ….. well …..cooler. It mixes design genres like classical architectural details with modern furniture and suzani prints. The eclecticism is there, but less laid-back; creating a global aesthetic that is complex and sophisticated. Taking a 180, the no8. Black is Back trend has taken on an interesting character, with the bold use of matte black in interiors, exteriors, cars, furniture and even homewares. It fascinates me. It’s can denote high-end indulgence or bleakness. It creates drama and absence of drama. It’s mysterious, yet soothing. God I love these segues.

Designer credit: Unknown

Designer credit: Barclay Fryery

Designer credit: R.H. Carter Architects

Speaking of soothing, in these uncertain times, people tend to pull inward; to seek spaces that bring a sense of comfort and safety. We all need a hug now more than ever. no9. A Four Poster Bed is the closest thing you can get to a hug from a piece of furniture. Originally hung with curtains to keep out drafts and insects, 4 poster beds no longer only serve this purpose, Their grandeur and presence has brought them in and out of fashion over the years, but believe me, in all of their versatility and design options, they are baaaaack. A heavy barley twist bed (Katie Leede and Co) or a lean, sheer one (Kara Mann) ….. the possibilities are endless. So consider giving yourself a big ol’ nightly hug for surviving the last couple weeks.

Designer credit: Kara Mann

Designer credit: Katie Leede and Co

And finally no10. Sustainability is what clients are most committed to these days. Sustainable fabrics, animal-free leather and worm free silk are gaining popularity. People crave grounding elements to be more in touch with their roots; items made by hand using sustainable materials like rice paper, jute and clay. They’re interested in how and where and by whom products are made. Ethical consumerism is hopefully here to stay.

Ciao from the forecasting booth of Courage Confidential and remember…..

Have nothing in your house which you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.”
– William Morris, Textile Designer & Philosopher

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