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As moms, two phrases are music to our ears… “staying in shape” and “relieving stress”! That’s where The Miracle Ball Method comes in.

It was created by Stamford native, Elaine Petrone who since creating it has sold almost 2 million books… including one specifically designed for pregnancy! The idea for the method came about because she was 19-years-old and living in NYC with hopes of becoming a professional dancer. Sadly, those dreams were derailed when she began to lose feeling and then muscle tone in her right leg which caused her to start limping. After finding little relief, Elaine created something that would help her and others… the Miracle Ball Method!

Elaine explains that it can be used to relieve tight, achy muscles from stress or past injuries, as well as for stress relief and to reshape the body by taking out the knots and relieving stress, allowing the body to realign and move free again.

What is the Miracle Ball Method?

Elaine says she discovered that there is a system in each person’s body that helps us to recover from stress, pregnancy, illness or alignment. She learned that over time, for lasting change, there are specific directions that are needed to cue this system. Then… the body does it for you. “Exercise alone doesn’t realign and adjust you, relieve pain and reduce and reshape the body. It’s the nervous system that does that,” says Elaine. Adding that the Miracle Ball Method is neither an exercise nor massage program.

How does it work?

“The method uses a balls to allow you to release the holding or tension. They help you create a feeling-and-healing mind-body connection through steady breathing and strategic use of the miracle balls,” says Elaine.

Why does it work?

Elaine explains that both breathing and the miracle balls provide a resting and feeling “spot” for your body, creating a neurological communication with your brain, and with a slight assist from gravity begins to loosen up tight muscles. And by lying on the balls you are able to listen to what your body is telling you.

How is this helpful during pregnancy?

“The beginning of pregnancy is a perfect time to get started. This way the body will be very responsive, once it has the experience to make adjustments and accommodate the changes of getting larger and larger. I have taught many pregnant women. If the body doesn’t get responsive it is more challenging when tension remains tight and stuck,” explains Elaine. “There are many accommodations throughout the pregnancy so you can do it in bed, on the couch and still find relief and reenergize.” Elaine also says it’s helpful to continue using the method after the baby is both. “There usually is some stress, concern about our bodies getting back to normal. My feeling is they are “better than before”. There is wisdom after childbirth, if we allow it to come through. We must take care of ourselves. The Miracle Ball Method is wonderful for that.” Elaine says the Miracle Ball Method helped her get back in shape after having twins that weighed 7 pounds each. “My body had greatly changed.Having been in such great shape I was frantic to fix it. But I was exhausted. I could wrap my “twin skin” up into a ball and tuck it into my pants,” she says.

How will the Miracle Ball Method help me relieve stress, as a mom?

“What’s most important for moms is to realize that there are 3 benefits from doing the method. First of all its Easy! Because the method helps us to learn how to work through our nervous system, which simply means to feel your physical body, you allow your body to do the work for you! That is essential, because moms already have massive amounts of work to do every day,” Elaine explains.

Elaine continues, “Once you notice that the tightness eases, you breathe easier, you will  begin to realize that this allows your body to return to the best shape of your life. Posture improves, confidence returns, and you feel more at ease. You regain the energy you need. Moms (and all of us)  don’t realize that simply rushing, makes us hold our breath, that in turn makes our muscles stiff and minds anxious, which in turn makes us breathe less. It is the cycle of pain I speak of in the books.”

Elaine says that in moms, the lower back is a huge area of tension, from lifting and carrying the babies. And the mid back, between the shoulder blades, can get so stiff from bending over, nursing; and posture issues that can linger long after the babies are born. So, the Miracle Ball Method can be used in specific areas to relieve that tension.

For more information on the Miracle Ball Method, head to Elaine’s website! You can also follow her on Facebook and Instagram!

(Photos by Gary Spector)

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