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Three Stamford moms are making every step a little sweeter with a new online shoe store. Dulce Sole Shoes launched on November 4. Jen, Fior and Ana started the business as a place for the modern day woman to find affordable, gorgeous, chic shoes because in their eyes there’s nothing sweeter in life than stepping out with confidence!

Dulce Sole ships internationally and has an online catalog of boots, booties, pumps, stiletteos, mules and flats. The ladies are even working on exclusive shoes with their own Dulce logo.

The website is complimented by a Facebook and Instagram page featuring pictures of new styles and happy customers showing off their kicks. Customers are encouraged to send Dulce Sole a photo or tag the brand in their photo for a chance to be featured as a #DulceDoll on their page.

I had a chance to interview the ladies about their new venture and how excited they are to help women step out with confidence!

Where did you get the idea for Dulce Sole?

Our inspiration for Dulce was one evening we were out having dinner at Cotto Wine Bar and I (Fior) was talking about trying previously to sell shoes and how scared I was to venture off alone and never went through with it. Ana said, “Why don’t you do it? You can still do it.” She was so encouraging and at that moment I said let’s do it the three of us? We looked at each other, laughed and the rest is history! It made sense sine the three of us love shoes.

Where does the name Dulce Sole come from?

It took us a while to figure out a name that fit us and something unique and that wasn’t taken. Dulce comes from the Latin origin which means sweet or candy and sole the undersurface of a persons foot. We combine the two and thought it was perfect.  From there our little motto “Make every step a little sweeter” was born.

What is your favorite shoe in the collection so far?

Ana: My favorite pair are Showtime they are the perfect fall and winter bootie for a great evening. Also Tiffany the lime color is perfect for a pop of color!
Fior: Well my Favorite pair is Shealthy. This bootie is everything! I love the material it can be worn with just about anything and it will look very chic.
Jen: I love the Melrose Cork Mule. You can pair it with skinny jeans and a nice top as a day look.

You mentioned that you’re all shoe lovers. How many shoes do you each have in your closet?

Ana: I sure do love shoes, who doesn’t? I have 30 pairs as of now. I recently cleaned my closet out.
Fior: I have 49 pairs at the moment!
Jen: I only have a few, 32 pairs of shoes!


What’s your tip for moms looking for the perfect pair of shoes?

Get a shoe that you will feel comfortable in and fits the occasion. A shoe that gives you that extra pep in your step. Something to spice up your life here and there. Just because we are moms, doesn’t mean we have to be boring. We believe that we need a sexy shoe hidden in our closet to give us that boost of confidence and remind ourselves, hey I can still strut in a great pair of heels!

How do you three know each other? 

Jen and Fior are sisters and Ana is a friend of many years. Jen and Fior actually met Ana’s mom years before meeting Ana.

What is it like working with each other?

Working together has been easy, well we haven’t killed each other yet! The biggest thing is that we respect each other and value each other’s opinions. We also listen to one another and keep each other in the loop when it comes to any decision making. But most importantly, we encourage each other. We want to see each other succeed because at the end of the day everything we do is for our kids.

That brings me to my next questions, you’re all moms! How many kids do you have and how old are they?

Ana: I have 2 boys. My oldest is Brian who is 16 and Jayson who is 8 years old.
Fior: I have 2. A boy named Miguel who is 11 and a 10 year old girl named Mia.
Jen: I have 2 boys. Andy who is 12 and the baby of the house Jax who is 10 months old.

What’s it like balancing a career and being a mom?

Ana: It’s never easy being a mom juggling a fulltime job. But I get all the strength and support from my husband and kids to keep pushing forward.
My experience balancing both is a rollercoaster. Every day is different. Sometimes it’s great and sometimes extremely hard but every day I’m thankful for the opportunity to be a mom to my two munchkins. I wouldn’t change it for the world.
Jen: Balancing life is hard with fulltime job, a baby and middle schooler. But, no one can handle thee duties like us women! We are strong and can get 10 things at once with a smile on our face.


You’re all from Stamford, what was it like growing up here?

Ana: I wasn’t born in Stamford but came here at the age of 13. I love it here! I love the small to town feel with the big city vibe. I love raising my kids here and the opportunity for them to go to amazing schools.
Fior: Growing up in Stamford was great, I loved it. I still love it here. I have lived in Hawaii, New York and Rhode Island and I always missed home. Stamford is where my heart is. So many memories here and many more I will create with my kids.
Jen: I was born and raised here. This is the only place I know and call home. It’s evolving into a such a great mini city with lots of hidden gems.

What do you like about raising your families in Stamford?

We love everything, especially that it’s such a diverse place. So many cool things to do with your family and many more things that are up and coming here.

What’s your favorite family activity in Stamford?

Wow so many to choose from! The kids love RPM Raceway. In the summer we love hitting West Beach and the farmer’s market in Harbor Point. The Kids’ Spartan Race was great this summer and we are looking forward to the ice skating rink downtown in Mill River Park! We’re also excited about the Thanksgiving Parade and Santa repelling down the Landmark building. Plus, there are so many delicious restaurants to choose from!

What’s your goal for Dulce Sole?

We want to provide our customers the sweetest online experience from beginning to end. We want to grow and become an international online shoe store that can deliver trendy, beautiful shoes without breaking the bank. Also to inspire hard working moms that anything is possible!

Be sure to check out Dulce Sole and contact the ladies at if you have any questions!

(This article is sponsored by Dulce Sole)

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