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Hydrangeas are a summertime staple both in yards and on Instagram feeds across Connecticut. But if you don’t have a green thumb, the thought of getting big, colorful flowers in your yard may just make you green with envy. We sat down with Woodridge Garden & Home to find out what it takes to get Insta worthy hydrangeas of your very own!

But before we get into how to get beautiful flowers, be sure to start out with the correct plant. If you’re looking for easy, big, colorful hydrangeas, the Endless Summer Reblooming Hydrangea is what you’re looking for.

From there, 5 easy steps will keep them looking their best!

1. Get the right soil

Traditionally hydrangeas come in three colors: blue, pink and white, although there are several shades of each. If you want blue hydrangeas you need acidic soil which is available at your local garden center and is called aluminum sulfate. If you prefer pink hydrangeas, add lime to the soil. It is also available at your local garden center. White hydrangeas aren’t impacted by the acidity of the soil.

2. Keep your hydrangeas watered

When it’s particularly hot and dry, that may mean watering them twice a day. You can tell when a hydrangea needs more water because it droops or sags. This can be quickly and easily corrected.

3. Location, location, location

Partial shade is the ideal location for hydrangeas because it helps maintain a constant level of moisture. If a hydrangea is in full sun it’s going to dry out faster and need more water. Also, be careful how close together they are planted. Since hydrangeas grow so fast, they can easily grow into each other.

4. Fertilize

If your hydrangeas aren’t blooming as much as you’d like, fertilize them! A fertilizer that is high in phosphorous is best. (Hint: When looking at fertilizers, phosphorous is always the second number in the fertilizer). Stay away from fertilizers with a lot of nitrogen in them, because they will make the plant grow, instead of creating blooms.

5. Prune

Pruning your hydrangeas encourages more blooms. Once the bloom fades and dries out, remove it to the first set of leaves. That will let the plant focus on growing a new bloom. Depending on weather, water and fertilization it is possible to get a hydrangea plant to bloom multiple times in a season. Keep in mind, this only works for the Endless Summer Reblooming Hydrangeas. With other varieties, you need to implement different techniques to encourage blooms.

Looking for hydrangeas or need help taking care of them? Contact Woodridge Garden & Home! [email protected] or call (706) 718-0043. Be sure to check them out on Instagram!

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