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The goal at CT ENT Sinus Center, Hearing & Balance is to provide patients with an exceptional experience. In doing that, they take into account that no one treatment is right for every patient when it comes to ear, nose, and throat care. So, specialists look at the entire picture of a patient’s health and develop a plan. This is where integrative medicine comes into play.

We spoke to Dr. Michelle Leonard DNP, FNP-BC, co-owner of CT ENT and Director of Allergy about how CT ENT blends traditional medicine and holistic options to guide patients to achieving overall wellness.

What are some holistic treatment options that can be used to treat ear nose and throat issues?
As moms, we want to make sure that we are exploring all of the best options for our families, especially when it comes to health. Essential Oils, probiotics, organic plant based diets, and meditation are becoming more popular, and with good cause. By integrating holistic style therapies into everyday medical care, we are able to support the body, mind, and spirit wonderfully. This is true with ENT issues as well whether it be utilizing oils to help with reflux, a common ENT issue, to pairing diet changes with allergy drops to combat seasonal allergies.
How do you determine which holistic treatment is best for a patient?

Our goal is to make sure that the patient and family are given the best options and information about the treatments available. While we as professionals are there to guide patients, at the end of the day, the “best” options are chosen by the patient – as they will resonate with the patient and/or family’s intentions.

How do these holistic treatments work together with conventional medicine to treat ENT issues?

Options are chosen that support the body, mind and spirit. For example, sometimes an antibiotic may be a recommendation for a sinus or ear infection. Essential Oils, probiotics, and a short or long term dairy -free diet will support the body through the infection and use of the antibiotic. Also, there are some times conventional medicine brings “faster” relief. As another example, steroids may be given for severe inflammation while the essential oils begin to do their work. The choice of therapy always involves the patient’s intentions and desires. There is rarely one “right” answer.

What are some of the ENT issues holistic medicine can help with?

Sinus infections, ear pain, allergy symptoms, stress, anxiety, headaches, tinnitus, TMJ. Also, reflux, cough, and even insomnia from the symptoms.

How can it impact a patient’s long term health?

Helping yourself and your family live their best, healthiest life doesn’t happen overnight. It’s about making choices each day that foster inner peace and physical wellness. Any option that supports the body-mind-spirit can lead to long term health. Much of how we feel is tied back to the intention of the person.

What advice would you give to someone who is hesitant to use holistic treatment options?

Try it! It can’t hurt! At the very least, it will support the person while they use conventional medicine such as antibiotics and steroids.

How have you seen patients’ results change since beginning to combine holistic and conventional medicine?

I have seen A true “healing’ of the body as the body, mind, and spirit are brought back to balance, the way nature intended. The healing starts with the recommendations, which gives strength to the person’s inner self, the true healer. Again, it is always the desires and intentions of each person that decides the results. Overall, I have seen beauty and balance of the patient emerge.

Is there anything else you’d like potential patients to know?

It’s always in a person’s best interest to know their goals of health and wellness. As Hippocrates said, the true healer lies within. Modern Holistic Medicine will support the healer in all of us. 

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