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Kaylen Maduka of South Houston Moms says her daughter loves Skout Organic.


Making a lunch for your child to bring to school is one of the most important everyday tasks we do as parents. Our goal? To pack a nutritious meal — fast. Plus, it has to include foods they’ll actually eat – because a lunch can be a 10/10 nutritionally, but if your kid won’t touch it? You’ll be unpacking it after school while you listen to them whine about how hungry they were all day!

Enter your new favorite secret weapon that the moms of The Local Moms Network are loving: Skout Organic, a line of organic kids bars that are plant-based, made with 7 or fewer simple ingredients, and come in kid-friendly flavors like Apple Pie and Blueberry Blast. Lunch boxes every where will thank you.

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Below, find five tips that can make lunch-packing a breeze, including how to incorporate Skout Social into your routine:

Start the Night Before
Putting together school lunch the night before can make mornings a lot smoother. Even assembling one part of the lunch (making a sandwich, for instance) can help streamline things when you’re tired and rushing the next morning.

Let Kids Choose the Components
If your child has a hand in curating (and also packing up) their bento or lunchbox, they’ll be more likely to eat it. Skout Organic has tons of delicious flavors to choose from, and letting your child decide which one they’ll pack for the day helps teach them responsibility and also entices them to eat at school. “My kids love trying all of the fun flavors! They also love the characters on the packaging,” says Kelly Postiglione  of Sound Shore Moms.

Utilize Better Packaged Foods
Convenience foods are a godsend for busy parents. Skout Organic has nothing artificial, which moms love. “There are so many products that are full of ingredients I can’t pronounce, and I love that Skout Bars are made with real food that I recognize!” says Sophie Wilson, Director of Development at The Local Moms Network.


Steer Clear of Allergens
No one likes getting a reprimanding call from the school reminding you of the nut-free policy. Skout Organic has clear labeling and plenty of nut-free options, as well as gluten-free, soy-free, and dairy-free choices as well. That said, their PB&J bar is next-level, so if your school allow nuts, it’s a must-try. For toddlers, you also want something that’s appropriate for their chewing abilities. “When my two-year-old loves something, he wants to eat it as fast as he can. I love that the Skout bars are soft and easy to chew and don’t have to worry about him,” says Kasey Norton, the mom behind South Austin Moms.

Don’t Forget Dessert
Including a little something sweet makes school lunch feel special, and there are ways to do this without sending your kid into a sugar coma for the second half of the day. Skout Organic flavors like Cookie Dough, Chocolate Brownie and Chocolate Peanut Butter are made with organic, plant-based and healthy ingredients — but your kids will just love that they have a dessert.

Says Norton: “The kids get excited to pick out new flavors, and I can’t believe the variety. I also really like the size of the bars. Most snack bars end up being too much for my kids and get thrown away.” The best part of Skout Organic bars? Moms love them too. Amanda Vlastas, the mom behind West University Moms shares, “I am obsessed with Almond cookie, yum!”

Click here to try Skout Organic and use code LOCALMOMS for 20% off!


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