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Henkel has a longstanding commitment to supporting STEM education and science literacy. As a leader in Consumer Goods and Adhesive Technologies, STEM education is in Henkel’s DNA. It is essential to fueling creativity and innovation at the company. Henkel aims to share scientific knowledge and encourage children of all backgrounds to get involved in STEM from any early age.

As part of that initiative, the children and relatives of Henkel employees suited up and bubbled with excitement going to Henkel’s Consumer Goods HQ in Stamford for Henkel’s Bring Your Child to Work Day event last week, titled Be A Henkel Researcher! During the event, children ages 6 and up got to take a look inside the Henkel Experience Center, a state-of-the-art collaboration center for Henkel’s customers. There, they learned about the company’s history and participated in hands-on science experiments led by two scientists with Henkel’s R&D team!

In their lab coats, safety glasses and gloves, children learned about surface tension by dropping color and detergent in a plate of milk. They also squealed with excitement when baking soda, color and vinegar made rainbow bubbles pop up from their bowls. The young scientists even had the opportunity to write down their hypothesis before beginning each experiment and wrote their conclusion afterward. This was all before moving into the hair salon where they watched a scientist make hair gel (with glitter of course) and color a mannequin’s hair in rainbow!

Fun events and experiments like these are part of Henkel’s commitment to close the STEM education gap by sparking curiosity in science. In watching Henkel’s Be a Henkel Researcher event, I saw that this is exactly what an event like this does. Children watched intently and listened closely as the scientists spoke, carefully following their instructions when participating in each experiment.

The Henkel Researchers’ World program is a signature educational initiative that introduces elementary school children to the world of science, putting them in the role of an actual researcher. The program teaches students how to apply scientific methods to everyday life, with an enriching curriculum including critical testing, analysis, interpretation of data and creativity. In support of building thriving communities, Henkel Researchers’ World is designed to help fill an important need to make STEM education accessible to all children.

Your children can experience Henkel Researchers’ World themselves at Mill River Park where it opened in 2021. There, Henkel Researcher’s World offers STEM education lessons for elementary school children, engaging them with hands-on interactive experiments designed to inspire curiosity in science. To learn more about it, click here!

Bring Your Child to Work Day is on Thursday, April 27, 2023. The annual event, held on the fourth Thursday of April, is designed to give children the opportunity to see what their parents do during the workday.

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