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When putting on a brand new pair of shorts for that tropical getaway this winter or preparing for the beach this summer, nothing ruins the excitement more than unsightly veins. But what you might not realize, is those annoying veins could be more than just unsightly. They could be a sign of a bigger problem.

Vein disease is a result of reduced function in the veins in your feet and legs. This causes blood to flow backward and pool in the lower extremities. This can cause leg pain, cramps, swelling, fatigue, itching, burning or varicose and spider veins. Unfortunately for us, a recent population study showed that about two thirds of varicose vein disease cases happened in women, compared to just one third in men. Totally unfair, right?

Here’s what you need to know:

Women have more vein issues than men because…

We have hormonal changes throughout our lives – during puberty, pregnancy, and menopause or with the use of birth control pills. These hormone changes may raise a woman’s risk for developing vein problems.

During pregnancy, a woman’s body goes through unprecedented physical and hormonal changes. So, moms are even more likely to develop vein disease or those annoying “mommy veins”. Studies have also shown that a woman’s risk for this type of venous insufficiency increases with each pregnancy.

Other risk factors include age, family history, weight, lack of movement and a history of Deep Vein Thrombosis.

Why am I in pain because of my vein issues?

Chronic pelvic pain syndrome is persistent pain anywhere between the belly-button and the hips that lasts for at least six months and doesn’t get better or worse based on your menstrual cycle. It has many potential causes, and vein disease can be one of them, especially when varicose veins develop in the abdomen. An excess of estrogen can cause the condition.


How is vein disease diagnosed?

The Center for Vein Restoration can diagnose you after a short evaluation through a 30-minute ultrasound session. Call 1-800-FIX-LEGS (1-800-349-5347) to schedule your appointment or schedule an appointment here.

What happens after I’m diagnosed?

If there is a medical need, treatments are simple, pain-free and require no downtime. The Center for Vein Restoration offers a variety of noninvasive vein closure modalities, including Venaseal, ClariVein, radiofrequency and others, to provide a treatment plan customized to you.

What do I do if I’m pregnant and have vein issues?

Vein issues are common during pregnancy, but treatment is not advised during pregnancy because medications used to treat vein disease have not been proven safe for the unborn child and there is a higher risk of developing deep vein blood clots during surgery while pregnant. Also, vein issues that start during pregnancy can go away once the child is born.

Check here for 5 simple things The Center for Vein Restoration suggests doing to keep varicose and spider veins under control when pregnant. If you try these methods and are still having problems, it’s recommended that you seek medical attention.

Can I have my veins taken care of between pregnancies?

If varicose veins don’t go away after birth, it’s typically best to wait 10-12 weeks after pregnancy to seek treatment.

The Center for Vein Restoration recommends scheduling treatments before a subsequent pregnancy, if possible. Another pregnancy will only worsen the condition once it exists. Worsening vein disease may require more extensive vein treatment if it isn’t treated before the next pregnancy.

Will insurance cover treatment for varicose veins?

Insurance coverage for the treatment of venous insufficiency varies depending on both your insurance provider and your policy. In general, most insurance providers separate vein treatments into two categories—those that are found to be medically necessary and those that are considered cosmetic. To best understand the details of your policy and its coverage, contact your insurance provider.

The Center for Vein Restoration accepts insurance from several insurance providers.

The Center for Vein Restoration is located at 1290 Summer Street, Suite 2100 in Stamford.
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