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While choosing the paint color or color combination for a baby’s nursery is an exciting way to prepare for the arrival of a new baby… it can also quickly become overwhelming! There are just so many shades, tones, brands, etc! So, we turned to our friend Clarissa with Crystal Decor Painting for tips to help you choose the best color palette for your baby’s nursery. (Clarissa recently helped me decide on colors for my son’s nursery and she was extremely helpful!)

Meaning of colors

Colors influence our behavior. So, choosing the right color for the baby’s room is just as important as thinking about all the other preparations and decoration. When making your decision, think about the emotions you want your child to feel when they’re in their room.

Shades of blue

Blue is the most popular color for nurseries. The reason may be that blue favors reasoning and intuition. However, it must be chosen with caution. When choosing a darker tone, do it an accent wall instead of the entire room (this is what I recently did, despite my fear of dark colors). Choose lighter tones if doing all the walls same color. Playing with the palette, balancing the tones can give the room a great charm. Hiring a color consultant or a designer will give you more confidence if you are not sure how to play with the colors.

Shades of pink

Another color chosen very often is pink. It is considered a romantic color, delicate and can bring a calm feeling to the room and and people who will be in that environment. Following the same idea as blue, choosing softer shades makes the room more comfortable to be in, while a darker shade is good to do as an accent wall.

Neutral colors

Shades of yellow, green, white or off-white are good options when parents are looking to create a more neutral environment. Yellow is a color that awakens energy. In light tones, it favors concentration. It must be used with great care and avoided on all walls. Green is a color that refers to nature and should also be used with great caution. White and off-white tones are great options for the baby’s room, as they convey purity and innocence. This is a great choice because you can add colorful decorations stuffed animals, curtains, sheets, picture frames and even furniture!

Neutral colors can also be a great option when you think in the long term. If you intend to keep the decor in your baby’s room as they grow, neutral colors will allow you to change out the decor more easily.

Candy colors

Candy color tones are the balance of several colors in a single environment. If used with caution, these colors can create a cheerful environment without losing the softness of a children’s room.


Wallpaper on at least one wall can create a beautiful and interesting atmosphere. Clarissa says that in her opinion, wallpaper is a must in the nursery!

Looking for some guidance with colors while designing your baby’s nursery? Talk to Clarissa with Crystal Decor Painting and get a free estimate. Call (914) 255-6042, email [email protected] or click here for more information!

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