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If August is all about Camp Mom & Dad at your house… we have some activity ideas for you! Our sister site, Greater Lansing Area Moms put together this awesome list of 30 tech-free activities to keep the kids entertained and away from the iPad and TV (we added a few of our favorites too)!

  1. Go for a bike ride
  2. Walk the dog
  3. Fly a kite
  4. Play Frisbee or catch
  5. Jump rope
  6. Play a family soccer game
  7. Bake… muffins and cupcakes are our favorites
  8. Get out the hose and or sprinkler and have some water fun
  9. Create a DIY ice cream bad at home with your favorite flavors and toppings
  10. Catch lightening bugs
  11. Make a new smoothie recipe
  12. Draw what you see… take a seat, and draw what is literally right in front of you
  13. Grab a blanket, your favorite book and head outside to read
  14. Fill and toss water balloons
  15. Play hopscotch
  16. Paint rocks
  17. Play hide and seek
  18. Build a fort
  19. Bird watch
  20. Have a scavenger hunt
  21. Stargaze
  22. Find a flashlight and explore the yard at night
  23. Look for clouds
  24. Set up a lemonade stand
  25. Make an obstacle course in the driveway
  26. Go to the beach and have a sandcastle building contest
  27. Wash the car together in the driveway
  28. Have a family talent show
  29. Get some popsicle sticks and glue… see what your kids create
  30. Make a sidewalk chalk creation

Have fun and don’t forget to check out our August 2023 Bucket List, also! If you’re looking for camps this month, check our 2023 Summer Camp Guide for August options!

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