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Lindsay Simone Meirowitz is the mom of two behind Studio LSI. She believes (much to our relief) that it is possible to have a beautiful home that is also kid friendly. It’s something she works hard to help her clients achieve!

Lindsay and her team specialize in renovations and new builds. They really try to think holistically about how they lay out a room or a house. “We do most of our technical drawings in house, which allows us to have a grasp on the entire project, not just the pretty parts,” says Lindsay.

Lindsay knew when she started Studio LSI that she wanted to specialize in homes for young families. She grew up with a mom who was an interior designer, before there were stain resistant fabrics and performance everything. So growing up in an immaculate home where she and her brother quickly learned the art of stain removal, function became part of the way she thinks! Lindsay thinks ahead about things like sharp edges, special wall mounting techniques for certain furniture pieces and artwork when thinking through how a client will use a space (a.k.a. the foyer as an entrypoint but also as the backdrop to kids sword fighting). Lindsay says this allows her to create spaces that her clients can really LIVE in without hovering over their kids.

The LSI studio team is sure to get to know their clients’ likes, interests and hobbies when they begin working together. She says, “I genuinely care about making each project tailored to the client at hand.” She continues, “I don’t just pick a piece of art to fill a spot on the wall. Whatever I pick will either have a special meaning to the client or maybe come from a part of the world that holds a special memory for them. Otherwise, you’re just designing a showroom, not a home.”

Lindsay says her job is to help clients pinpoint what they actually like, and not that they think they like. To help determine what they’re looking for, Lindsay asks for inspiration images of rooms they’re drawn to as part of Studio LSI’s new client questionnaire. “Sometimes I feel like a detective trying to piece together everything my client has to say,” she says. To help determine what they’re looking for, Lindsay asks for inspiration images of rooms they like. 

She also encourages families to be realistic about where their kids play with certain toys. “If they always do art projects at the kitchen table, keep the art supplies in the kitchen cabinet, not in the playroom.” By having designated spots for toys throughout the home, the toys always have a hidden spot close by, where they are actually supposed to go, rather than the other way around. This keeps you from changing the way you live to keep your house looking a certain way!

In an attempt to merge looks with lifestyle, Lindsay also recommends that families spend their money wisely. Invest in child friendly finishes for the big ticket items you plan to keep long term (think performance fabrics on sofas, or a solid wood dining table versus one made using wood veneers). Lighting fixtures are another place to go crazy since they make a big impact in an area that children can’t usually reach. And, when in doubt, go with a distressed wool rug… they hide EVERYTHING!

If you’re interested in working with Studio LSI, email [email protected] or go to to fill out a new client questionnaire. Follow Studio LSI on Instagram @studio.lsi to see more of their work!

Photos by Julia D’Agostino

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