Orangetheory Fitness Stamford is now open in the High Ridge Shopping Center in Stamford and is drawing rave reviews from members… especially moms!


The workout was designed with the goal of making sure anyone who tries it feels successful. For busy moms this is a huge win, since the total-body workout paired with the science of the Orange Zone ensures you maximize your 60-minutes. Plus, you have help! Professional coaches guide you and tailor the workout so you meet your goals, while the OTbeat technology measures your heart rate data and performance so you can track your progress and see how much stronger you’re getting every day.

Similar to Stamford Moms, Orangetheory has a welcoming and supportive community. Members socialize inside and outside the studio while also taking part in themed-workouts, signature fitness programs and Stamford events. 

Orangetheory offers moms the variety they crave in a workout. No two workouts are exactly the same which helps confuse your muscles so they never adapt, and therefore helps to burn more calories and gain muscle.

Here’s what Stamford moms have to say about Orangetheory Fitness!

I am so happy with my decision to join Orangetheory Fitness because of the coaches. They helped me modify when I needed to while I was pregnant, and now they are always motivating me to add a little speed on the treadmill or lift a little heavier on the weight room floor. I am seeing such amazing results, each week I feel a little faster and a little stronger.” – Sam B.

Sam is mom to two adorable little boys! She attended OTF up until the day her water broke! Sam was back 4 weeks later and able to workout with modifications from our coaches!

As a 50-year-old woman and a survivor of many health obstacles, I joined Orangetheory because my children couldn’t stop talking about their awesome workouts. They knew I was looking for something that would be adaptable and offer me a flexible type of workout to suit my physical limitations. Despite classes of up to 30, it’s a very personalized workout thanks to heart rate monitors that allow you to track your progress throughout the workouts. You are motivated to reach your personal best each and every time. I was hooked after my first class. I take an average of four classes a week and truly look forward to each class. What I love the most is the friendly staff that greets me each day,  exceptionally talented group of trainers, and the awesome music selections.  It is the perfect recipe for a great workout. – Maria J

Maria is mom to a 26 year old boy, and 24 year old girl! Both of her kids also attend OTF, and they LOVE all coming to class together!

OTF Stamford is by far the best workout facility! Between the amazing staff, coaches and wide variety of class times it is the perfect place to workout. Being a working Mom of two toddlers the 5 a.m. class is perfect for my schedule. I am always greeted with a smile from the front desk and pushed to achieve my best workout by all of the coaches. The workout is different every single day and challenges me in ways I never thought possible. The coaches are incredibly motivating and push you when you are mentally& physically exhausted. OTF Stamford has been a complete game changer for not only my physical health but also my mental health.” – Kara K.

“Orangetheory Fitness Stamford opening couldn’t have been better timing for me. While I’ve worked out most of my adult life, I hadn’t for a year and a half due to a chronic neck issue. During this time I watched my body turn to mush before my eyes and worried that I’d never regain any level of fitness. This has all changed since mid June when I started attending classes 3 times a week and then 4-5 for the transformation challenge. I feel so much better and stronger both physically and mentally and I’m able to wear the clothes that I worried I’d never fit into again.   It truly is one of the best workouts I’ve ever done, every day is different, the staff is terrific and members come in all shapes, sizes, ages and level of fitness.” – Marlene P. 

I joined OTF Stamford as soon as I heard about it opening in Stamford. I have a 2 year old daughter and still hadn’t found an exercise plan I could actually stick to. OTF has gotten me into really good shape in such a short amount of time and I feel so much more confident in myself. The number of classes they offer throughout the day makes it very easy for me to get in a few times a week, which is amazing! The people and staff at OTF are some of the nicest people you will ever meet; always smiling and always friendly. The coaches really know how to push you, especially on the days you don’t feel like working out. – Emma C.

“I’ve always been active my entire life, whether it be sports, running, or strength training it’s always been a daily priority, but I was getting bored doing the same old thing. I decided to switch it up, and after hearing so many good things about OTF I decided to give it a shot. I’m totally hooked, it’s the best workout out there! I love that it is different everyday and the environment is so positive. You also can’t beat the endorphin rush. I’m currently pregnant with my 5th child and this had been my easiest pregnancy. I know that is a testament to OTF.  I feel so good I’m still pushing it on the treadmill and I know I’m doing something good for my entire family by staying fit, healthy, and happy! – Maureen P.

Want to give Orangetheory Fitness Stamford a try? Book your class here or call (203) 883-9518!
The first 15 to inquire and mention this post, will receive a FREE first class. The first class at Orangetheory Fitness is usually $12 plus tax.

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