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Jolin is mom to a 9 month old and is running her own one-on-one Health & Nutrition Coaching business! Learn more about why she loves her business, how it helps her connect to other moms and what she loves about living in Stamford!

Photo by: Marcy Rosa

How many kids do you have and what are their ages?
I have a 9-month-old son Norman and a 10-year-old dog named Panda.

What do you love about living in Stamford?
I was born and raised in Shanghai, China, and came to the United States at the age of 22. I moved to Stamford with my husband after finishing up my Master’s degree at NYU. I thought I would be really bored moving out of the city and was a bit sad! To my surprise, I actually loved Stamford! There is so much to do around here. We have so much more living space, and my dog gets to explore so many different parks and natural areas.

What’s your favorite restaurant and/or place to shop in Stamford?
My husband and I like small local spots. Chicho’s Cocina and Viva Peruvian Restaurant in the Shippan Area are our go-toes. We love the Peking Duck from Peter Chang Restaurant, as well!

Tell us about your career.
After graduation, I worked in various areas of the performing arts field, including hosting my own radio show where I interviewed musicians and artists for a few years. I never really enjoyed the office settings, so I eventually made a career change into fitness and nutrition coaching where I could stay active and help others do the same. I was a group fitness trainer at PhatBurn in Stamford for five years. I also became Precision Nutrition Level 2 Certified and started coaching individual clients on how to achieve their wellness and health goals. This includes meal preps, nutrition regimens, exercise plans, and helping clients keep accountable to their goals.

Photo by: Marcy Rosa

Tell us about your business.
After the fitness studio I worked in Stamford closed, I decided to focus on Health and Nutrition Coaching. I have worked with dozens of clients on developing healthy habits that are sustainable, learning the skills that are useful for the lifetime, and feeling better mentally and physically.

Based on their lifestyle, diet preference, and tastes, we craft a plan that clients can sustainably stick to and adjust over time until they reach desired wellness goals. We come up with accountability plans to help clients reinforce these new habits and adjust as necessary to keep making progress.

If you would like to schedule a FREE call to talk about your health goals, or one of your biggest issues, I would love to offer some solutions. There is NO pressure just a friendly chat from one mom to another! Let’s see if working together is a good fit. Schedule a call here!

What do you love about your business?
If it were easy to go to the gym to simply “get a good workout” or eat healthy, then there would be no need for coaches and trainers. But a lot of people need guidance to get the results they are seeking. That could be making small changes to create new healthy habits or maybe just education and structure in how to have an effective workout at home or the gym. I love that every client I work with always has a unique story and needs. It’s real joy to meet new people and discover the best methods in helping them achieve their goals.

How does your business help you to connect with other moms?
A lot of my clients have been moms. Being a mom is difficult. We tend to get pulled in many different directions and struggle to find time to focus on ourselves after a long day working and looking after our children. As a new mom, I can truly appreciate the work you do. It’s important that your health and wellness is taken care of just as much as your family’s. I can work with you to understand your schedule and find the opportunities to make achieving your wellness goals easier while you are balancing your other day to day priorities.

How do you juggle work and mommyhood?
Keep adjusting and knowing that whatever hard times will eventually pass. Also, I keep asking myself to prioritize my own sleep over doing laundry. Because when I am tired, I make bad decisions and feel grumpier.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve gotten from another mom?
There is no right or wrong about parenting. You do what’s best for you and your family.

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