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How many kids do you have any what are their ages?
Chloe, 16, Joey, 14 years old and Grace, 6 years old.

What do you love about living in Stamford?
I’m born and bred here. Can’t find another town like this to be in! Love how the city has grown and keeps evolving and providing new experiences for all to enjoy.

What’s your favorite restaurant and/or place to shop in Stamford?
I can’t say I have a favorite because I love to try different foods and love to support new businesses. I also support all businesses whether it’s a boutique, mom and pop or brand store, I will always have an excuse to shop.

Tell us about your career.
My business consists of event planning and floral design which is what I am focused on. But I don’t limit myself. I’ve been involved in the corporate world and working in the dental field so I like to say that I have had many great experiences to keep and add to my resume.

What inspired you to launch JBella Favors?
The birth of my first child. It started off with creating kids parties and favors and has since evolved to so much more. I keep challenging myself and learning new skills because I love to entertain and host. I decided to help others create their vision for an event.

What does JBella Favors offer?
Our services include wedding coordination and planning of all sizes. Event design and custom floral services. From small and intimate gatherings to grand and full-service weddings/events, I can do it all. From logistical management to all services, I ensure that you will be able to relax and have fund during the planning process without being stressed.

What is your #1 tip for creating a beautiful flower arrangement?
My tip is to enjoy the process. Your creativity comes from within and you will shine through your work when you welcome it with love and joy. Enjoy the process of creating!

How do you juggle your business with mommyhood?
With lots of patience! Lol! I think we as women in general just have a natural instinct of handling more than one task. For myself, I am a person who is very detail oriented and manage my time as best as I know how it will work for me. I get teased because I walk around with my notebook, but it’s the best thing I have! I literally write down everything I need to do for the day, from sending emails to clients to kids schedules to things I need to do in my home. We are not programmed to be able to remember every single thing. So for me, this is the way I manage and it works for me.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve gotten from another mom?
To not feel mom guilt for trying to do everything. I think we as mothers, at home moms, working moms or whatever title you want to give yourself, I think we are so hard on ourselves because of what others put out there for us to be. But in the end, it’s what makes us happy and loving that counts. Not the likes on Instagram or any social media. I don’t allow myself to be driven by what is out there. I don’t let those things discourage me. We as moms know what counts.

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