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How many kids do you each have and what are their ages?
I have an 11 year old daughter, Morgan.

What are your favorite family activities in Stamford?
I’m actually very new to Connecticut. We just moved here from China at the end of January, and were of course quarantining for many weeks over the winter. But we have enjoyed walking in Mill River Park and along Harbor Point. The food and restaurants in Stamford are the best!

Stamford is vibrant, buzzing and diverse. I’ve been very impressed so far.

Tell us about your career. 
I was a corporate attorney for 13 years, until 2018 when my husband’s job brought us to China for almost two years. I took the time overseas to explore my passion for fitness and obtain ACE Group Fitness Certification. I even started teaching group fitness in China!

Tell us about Row House Stamford and why the workout is unique. 
There is so much to tell, it’s hard to know where to begin! Row House is a fun but challenging, high energy (and sometimes high intensity) but low impact, music driven but true-to-the-sport-of-rowing workout. We have all kinds of different class formats, some of which incorporate dumbbells and some of which focus more on restoration and rejuvenation. I teach different fitness classes all over Fairfield County, but Row House is truly one of my favorites. The full-body nature of the workout has transformed my body in a big way personally.

What do you personally like about the workout? 
It gets my heart rate up while working my entire body! Oh, and it’s FUN!  We coaches take pride in creating motivating and fun playlists.

How has fitness changed for you since becoming a mom? 
When my daughter was little, I was working around the clock as an attorney, wasn’t sleeping well due to being constantly stressed and anxious, and was preoccupied with work even when I wasn’t working. I wasn’t living “in the moment” to say the very least. Then, one day I decided to try a lunch time bootcamp class offered at the fitness center on our corporate campus. My life completely changed because of that small step. I fell in love with group fitness almost immediately, and started to see positive changes in my body, mind, and overall well being. My lunch time workout became one of the highlights of my work day, and the release of stress that it offered me allowed me to be a better mom to my daughter as well.

What is your number one tip for moms who want to get into a fitness routine?
Find your people, whether that means in a group fitness class or community, or an online forum to help keep you accountable.  It is also way more fun to have people to talk about fitness with that are equally excited about your goals.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve gotten from another mom?
That most of the time, kids can work out their differences themselves!

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