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Dr. Nick Mobilia is a dentist at Dental356 in Stamford at 50 West Park Place. We had the chance to chat with him about his career, tips for keeping your smile looking beautiful and why it’s more important now than ever to get regular teeth cleanings! Check out our interview, below!

What made you decide to become a dentist?
I always wanted to help people and sometimes at an early age you sort of know your calling. What really made me decide was growing up, I had a cousin, 4 or 5 years older than me that I would follow in his footsteps. He taught me about sports, family and he always brought along crazy science experiments at our family get together during the holidays. Just as he became a dentist, I followed his footsteps since he was a big brother to me. To this day, we still get together whether it’s going to a sporting event, we have season tickets to the New York Rangers, or meeting for dinner at each of our houses or even going out. We have maintained that friendship and family love to this day.

What do you like about your job?
I really, really, really love what I do. It’s the immediate gratification you get when you have someone come to your office crying in pain and then leave smiling and recommending friends and family for dental treatment.  Going to the dentist should be fun, no matter how serious the procedure is. I try my best to make things fun for the patients, my co-workers and myself.

What is are your tips for those looking to improve their oral health?
Oral health is part of the “Total Health Package.”

  • Just as you need to go to your physician’s office, you need to go to your dental office TWICE a year. Those 2 cleaning appointments with the hygienist are probably the most important appointments that you can have for improving or maintaining your overall oral health.
  • Healthy and nutritious foods are important for total body health and oral health also. This will promote growth and healing of the oral cavity that most people don’t realize that is happening after such procedures, extractions, implant placement and periodontal or gum therapy.

How do you use a personalized dental plan to help your patients achieve good oral health?
Every patient is an individual that has idiosyncrasies that separate them from other individuals. People are like fingerprints and everyone is different with different needs. I like to think of these patients as my masterpiece and what’s really fun is that no two patients or masterpieces are alike. For some patients, we need to attack the weakest link which might be the gums and surrounding periodontal structures. For others it might be the teeth with cavities and then there are those that are having tempero-mandibular issues affecting the muscles of mastication with associated ligaments and tendons. Every patient is different, and we need to customize their treatment in order for them to achieve exceptional oral health.

Why are regular teeth cleanings so important?
Cleanings are done for not only the teeth, but the gums and surrounding periodontal structures. They are the foundation and therefore must be treated as such. We cannot build a house unless it is on solid foundation just like we can’t build any dental prosthetic unless the foundation is healthy. Dental cleanings are the most important dental appointments you can have. Don’t skip on these cleanings even if you don’t have dental insurance because you will regret it.

With COVID-19, should patients still come in for their regular teeth cleanings?
When you are in a healthy state, you should have your teeth cleaned every 6 months. Studies show that poor oral health can be linked to deadly diseases such as Diabetes, Heart Disease, Cancer, Alzheimer’s Disease and Infertility. With Covid-19 being a serious viral phenomenon, it would make sense to have your periodic cleanings more frequently at a dental office that follows the strictest safety protocols. Dental365 meets or exceeds all local, state, ADA and CDC recommendations. We always have, and we will continue to be vigilant about protecting your health as we really do care about you.

What made you decide to start practicing in Stamford?
Stamford is a beautiful up and coming city.  It is a widely diversified metropolis, and an extension of Manhattan. It is a young vibrant city with continual development and fun. Combination of young millennials, family life, entertainment make Stamford a sought-out place for not only business, but residence also.

What are your favorite hobbies/activities in your spare time?
I am a quiet and private person, so I get to enjoy time spent at home with my family and my pets. Some favorite activities include fine dining, exotic sports cars and traveling.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?
I am very proud to be part of Dental365 as it is an organization that is leading the field of dental care by combining convenience, availability, and exceptional dental care in the most comfortable environment at an affordable cost. We treat patients of all ages from pre-school children to octogenarian adults, and everything in between. We provide simple procedures such as nutritional counseling and sealants for children to advanced esthetic makeovers and life changing implant therapy for adults. At Dental365, we’ve got you covered from beginning to end, every day of every week.

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