Meet Dr. Hannah Ahn! - Stamford Moms

How many kids do you have and what are their ages?
I have one sweet, adorable daughter who is almost 19 months old!

What do you love about living in Stamford?
I love how close it is to NYC! I also love the variety of restaurants and how lively the town feels!

What’s your favorite restaurant and/or place to shop in Stamford?
I’m still learning all the local places but I love Mecha Noodle Bar for their buns and bubble tea!

Tell us about your practice, Around The World Pediatric Dentistry.
The theme of my pediatric dental practice is traveling the world in a hot air balloon! I absolutely love traveling and have been to many places in the world. Each destination in the practice is a location that is very special to me. My specialty is treating all children, including children with special needs and my goal is to make every visit a fun and educational one for both the children and parents! I know going to the dentist can be scary, but I want kids to look forward to coming and learn that it can be a fun place to visit!

Why did you decide to open a practice in Stamford?
My office is located right on the border of Stamford and Greenwich. I wanted to be in an area where I would be able to provide dental care for children who needed a specialist and found that this location would be the best to reach multiple communities.

What are your tips for parents who want to make a trip to the dentist fun for their kids?
I’m so happy you asked! The key to making visits to the dentist a fun one, all starts at home! Reading about the dentist and teaching your child that it’s about having a healthy, happy smile is always a good start. Children love to copy what you do so being a good model at home and brushing together also helps to make taking care of teeth a fun event. Visit our Instagram @aroundtheworld.smiles for more tips! We do fun posts with ideas to help each week!

What’s your #1 dental tip for kids?
A healthy smile is so important to your overall health so always remember to brush daily (2x a day) and don’t skip flossing since we must clean ALL the surfaces of our teeth!

How do you juggle work and mommyhood?
Good question! As a new mom and a new practice owner I must be honest that it has been quite challenging. At the end of the day, it’s the love and support of my family and my faith that gets me through it. I pray that every decision I make as a mom and as a practice owner will be for the best for my family and those around me, including my patients and their families. I also make sure to take time to relax and to meditate and remember to be grateful for everything I have!

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve gotten from another mom?
The best advice I’ve gotten from another mom, is my own mom! She has always told me that no matter what happens, with faith and love you will always make it through any situation. She has taught me to be confident and strong in my decisions and to always put myself in the other’s person’s shoes. I would not be where I am today without her and I am eternally grateful to have such an amazing, strong woman as my mother and my daughter’s grandmother!

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