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How many kids do you have and what are their ages?
I have 3 children aged 16, 12 and 9

What do you love about the Stamford community?
While I don’t live in Stamford, what I love about the community and what I see through my practice is that Stamford span all strata: socioeconomic, race, religious, sexual orientation, nationality…this makes for SUCH a diverse community and as a doctor it makes my day RICH with vastly different experiences and customs—I am NEVER bored.

What are your favorite restaurants and shops in Stamford?
So I have to say that my FAVORITE “independent” store is Fox’s and my favorite CHAIN is Target—I love me a good bargain!! My favorite restaurants are Fortina and Taco Daddy (not only because of the food but the owners are GOOD PEEPS so I love to support) and my favorite 3 cafes to support are Winfield Street, Humbled Coffeehouse and Roost.

Tell us about your career.
4/5/6 My life as an OBGYN, to quote the great Taylor Swift, is “miserable AND magical”…the moment I get to CONNECT and ENGAGE (my favorite word) with a patient—whether it is to deliver her baby OR help her understand her body or her hormones—is a DELIGHTFUL thing and an entity I will FOREVER treasure being privy to.

That said, the physical and mental exhaustion of middle of the night calls, deliveries, emergencies COUPLED with the stress of managing a private practice with all of the small business issues THAT entails are, quite frankly, something I WISH I could waive away with a magic wand! I had a long and windy road to becoming a doctor AND an OBGYN.

As the daughter of two doctors, I was VERY much encouraged to choose a career I would really love, thus my parents PURPOSEFULLY did not push us towards medicine with the knowledge that it is and ALL encompassing field that will lead to massive challenges IF it isn’t someone’s choice. SO I was somewhat confused and wayward in college about what career to chose and after 4 different majors I ENDED up stumbling into pre-med classes AFTER college graduation, frankly more from a “I don’t know what ELSE I would do” perspective.

BUT as I progressed through medical school, still unclear if I’d found my “passion” but knowing I could be “happy enough” in medicine, I was lucky enough to have the most profound OBGYN experience with a group of doctors and residents and midwives who REALLY showed my the beautiful intersection between surgery and primary care through obgyn.

And so, through my bonding and engaging with patients, I found my “purpose”—which I often vocalize is NOT medicine per se, but having a meaningful relationship that helps heal my patients. (As I joke, I love to engage, and frankly I could have done this through MANY different job venues, but I am lucky that I get to have 20-40 episodes of engagement EVERY day!)

You have a huge following on you Instagram account @BigLoveFierceJuju, what made you decide to start doing Instagram videos?
In January 2018, I had less than 200 followers on Instagram, but had gone to an entrepreneurship conference for physicians with a friend. I had been in the mindset of WANTING to increase my social media presence BUT had been committing to the very typical notion that I could only post content that was well-curated as opposed to the way I TYPICALLY operate, which is CLEARLY more casual and off-the-cuff.

SO this conference really CLEARLY delineated to just POST without over-thinking it and without self-consciousness. This was FAR easier from an organizational and scheduling perspective for me, since my “free” time unpredictable and limited AND apparently it is exactly what resonates with my followers! They seem to really identify with and appreciate me being “real” and showing them “a day in the life” as a doctor and mom while also explaining medical issues in digestible vernacular—frankly it is easy for me as it is EXACTLY how I would speak to patients in my office.

SO it’s become a win-win—the followers are learning about what I believe are very important but basic OBGYN issues, and through IG I have a much wider reach, and in return my IG followers send me their appreciation and support!! Who wouldn’t love that?

How do you juggle work with mommyhood?
AHHHH the “juggle” question—I like that term FAR better than “balance” given that I feel that THAT is an illusive term. I am lucky to have a few great “systems” in place that help (my husband happens to love some of the more traditional “mom” roles like cooking and grocery shopping and his schedule is more predictable than mine) AND we have the blessing of having my parents living 2 doors away.

I’ve also managed to have TRULY kind and lovely babysitters through the years—all of whom understood that I vowed to NOT be a micromanager when it came to my children or my house in exchange for knowing that they would absolutely treat them as they would their own.

And possibly MOST important is that I was lucky enough to have been modeled about how be a mother AND have a career—the biggest key is feeling conviction that HAVING your career is not only compatible WITH but actually germaine TO your ability to raise your children—and in may case I KNOW I am a more complete person and more patient mother BECAUSE of my career. This helps me to never succumb to the “guilt” which I find COMPLETELY misplaced and frankly wrong from working mothers given that they are NOT doing anything overtly harmful to their children!

Tell us about some of the things you’re doing to help during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Given how vocal I was on social media about the need for PPE and the shortage, MANY gracious and charitable patients and friends and neighbors donated N95’s and surgical masks as well as homemade masks.

Because we received such an influx of items I was able to disseminate them to other medical professionals who needed them. Between the social media education (on my own feed and I’ve been asked to be on IG live on other channels) about COVID19 and through my financial donations and direct equipment donations I feel like I’ve been able to make mild improvements to the otherwise angst-inducing situation.

What’s your advice to moms-to-be planning to deliver in the midst of COVID-19?
While we know that our information and data is ever-evolving and not exhaustively reported yet, we also know that the situation for pregnant women has not been AS dire as we would have predicted based on models of the flu or H1N1.

I would remind pregnant women, like I would remind ALL women, to be “proactive” not paranoid, and to remind themselves that the VAST majority of them will fare well and that they can only control their immediate surroundings BUT by doing their best to do that they will improve their physical and psychological outcomes.

Headshot by: Andrea Carson


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