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Recently, we had the opportunity to tour King School in Stamford, which is having their Lower School Open House this Sunday, November 3, from 12:30 to 3:30 pm. From the facilities to the faculty, the commitment and passion behind this unique place is clear. Here are a few points we’d like to share, and we encourage you to learn more by attending Sunday’s Open House!

They’re About More than Test Scores

Like all independent schools, King School is not subject to the same requirements as other schools, letting teachers and students focus on learning for its own sake. “We open minds and spark courageous thinking,” says Lower School Head Amy Vorenberg.


Play Enhances Learning

Learning at this age should be fun, says Amy. As an example, “Adults may find it “cute” – but for a four-year-old, their success in collaboratively creating a forest and exploring that environment more fully dressed as a fox or an owl allows a child to understand at a deeper level,” says Amy. Children at King have fun as they joyfully pursue their interests and questions, with the help of teachers trained to enhance the students’ learning.


There Are New Opportunities For Younger Children

King is launching additional offerings for younger learners. Starting at age 3, kids can enroll in their Reggio-Emilia inspired, project-based programs. “We encourage our learners to collaboratively explore intentionally created vibrant classroom spaces where children are actively engaged in the process of learning from the earliest ages,” explains Amy.  


Kids Will Grow as Individuals

As children go through grades 1 to 5, teachers welcome their input and look to partner with kids on their learning. As Amy describes, “At the heart of King’s private elementary school is our exceptional faculty who know each of their students as an individual — and use their students’ interests, learning patterns, and personal goals as part of lesson planning, course selections, and activities outside the classroom — all directed towards inspiring, challenging, and supporting each learner.”


Students Graduating from the Lower School are Ready for What’s Next

King has a two-year, grade 5/6 sequence that is intentionally designed to prepare students for academic, social and emotional success through high school. “This progression capitalizes on the developmental stage of Grade 5 students by positioning them as confident leaders of the Lower School program — an important part of supporting them in their early adolescence — while also exposing them to the content, skills, and transitional experiences that will prepare them for the challenges of middle school,” explains Amy.

The Facilities are Cutting Edge

Every space has been updated with little learners in mind. From the Makerspace filled with over 3,000 unit blocks ready for builders, to the OPEN Art Studio where children are encouraged to create freely, children at King are encouraged to express their understanding through multiple modalities. “Yes, reading, writing, and math are important — and so are construction challenges, science labs for animals and hands-on experiments, and a garden for growing vegetables and flowers,” says Amy.

Speaking with Amy Vorenberg and her team, you can feel the love they bring to their work. She has been an early childhood educator for over 35 years, and will tell you that she genuinely values the curiosity of young children and is inspired by their questions and desire to understand the world around them. 

Amy also hopes to meet as many families as possible on Sunday! “We invite you to come to our open house to meet our teachers, students, and parents. This is a unique opportunity, through conversation and hands-on activities, to learn in depth about King School’s Lower School program. After the open house, families can visit King School on Tuesdays for Coffee and Conversation with the Head of School and Director of Admission and Financial Access, followed by a campus tour.”


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