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Need festive, easy recipes that the kids will love for Valentine’s Day? Our sister site, South OC Moms has two super simple options! Scroll down for recipes Valentine’s Day Pink Hot Chocolate sticks and a healthy Valentine’s Day Board!

Valentine’s Day Pink Hot Chocolate Sticks


  • pink melt-able chips
  • festive sprinkles
  • festive sticks
  • (bows are optional)


  1. Put the festive sprinkles in the bottom of your silicone tray.
  2. Melt half a bag of pink chips in a microwave wave safe bowl.
  3. Scoop the melted pink chips into each basin of the silicone tray.
  4. Place a festive stick in the middle of each filled basin in the silicone tray.
  5. Put the silicone tray in the fridge to set for an hour, then enjoy!


Healthy Valentine’s Day Board


  • Strawberries​
  • Graham Crackers(or whatever your kids like to dip with)
  • Chocolate Hummus
  • Festive Sprinkles
  • Plastic Wrap
  • Heart Shaped Cookie Cutter


  1. Lay the plastic wrap down on a flat surface and place the heart shaped cookie cutter in the center.
  2. Use a spoon or knife to fill the cookie cutter with the chocolate hummus.
  3. Pour the festive sprinkles on top of the chocolate hummus and gentle press down the festive sprinkles into the hummus. Not so much that the sprinkles go below the surface, but enough so that they stay in place.
  4. Wrap up the cookie cutter with the plastic wrap and place the chocolate hummus in the freezer for 20 min.
  5. While the hummus is in the freezer, wash the strawberries and prepare the graham crackers. Start to place them where you would like on your platter.
  6. After the 20 min is up, pull the hummus out of the freezer, remove the plastic wrap and place it where you would like it on the platter.
  7. Finish putting remaining dipping items on the platter and serve.

 These were originally posted on SouthOC_Moms

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