Sagging floors. Cracked walls. Tilting chimneys. Sounds scary, right? Well things can be a lot less scary if you can identify these problems in your home before it becomes too advanced. With a proper notice and action, there most likely can be a simple, permanent solution.

Here at Connecticut Basement Systems, we have been the trusted foundation repair contractor in Connecticut since 1987. All of our patented foundation repair solutions are custom designed for your home. As a Supportworks dealer in Connecticut, we install exclusive foundation products that come with a warranty and are installed by our trained team.

In this blog post, we will discuss the 5 most common signs of a sinking or settling home so you can easily identify if your home has a foundation issue that needs to be addressed.

5 Common Signs of a Sinking or Settling Home

1. Cracked Walls
2. Cracked Foundation
3. Tilting Chimney
4. Sticking Windows
5. Sagging Floors

Cracked Walls

You should be aware that there are different types of cracks that can appear in your home’s foundation. Minor hairline cracks occur naturally as concrete cures and normally does not indicate a structural problem. The cracks you want to look out for are normally caused by foundation settlement or expansive soils pressing on foundation walls. Cracks you want to look out for are…
• Horizontal or vertical cracks
• “Stair-step” or diagonal cracking

These cracks can be concerning and will most likely accompany a number of other problems. It is always best to call a professional out to examine the cracks, and we offer a free, no-obligation estimates!

Cracked Foundation

A home’s foundation can start to settle or sink into the Earth when the soil beneath it is unable to handle the weight of your home. This can result in foundation cracking, but do not fear, we have the permanent solutions to ensure that your home is stabilized and safe.

Tilting Chimney

It can be alarming when your chimney begins to tilt or lean away from the house. Tilting chimneys can be caused for a couple of different reasons.
• Sometimes the foundation for the chimney is built separately from the house. This smaller foundation is more likely to shift if the soil has poor loaded capacity.
• Tilting and shifting can also occur if the chimney foundation is too small or too close to the surface.

Sticking Windows

Ever notice your windows stick or jam? Clues that indicate that you might have sticking windows are…
• Windows are out of square
• Cracks extending from the corners of the window
• The separation of a window from the framing exterior finish
• New caulking around exterior windows (this is a common homeowner fix to the damage caused by foundation settlement)

Don’t take a chance on these issues, get this inspected by one of our experts, we are here to help!

Sagging Floors

Do the floors in your home slope, sag or uneven? This could be a concerning issues that needs to be addressed. Sagging or slopping floors are most likely due to an underlying problem in your crawl space or basement. Don’t try to do a temporary fix, call us for a permanent solution.

We understand that these signs might sound intimidating and scary, but if you find any of these issues that we just discussed in your home, just know that you have a trusted, professional company that can repair your foundation concerns. We have many patented structural products that offers a permanent solution. Each foundation issue is different, which is why we like to come out to evaluate the situation and provide the best customized solutions. Just give us a call at (203) 896-8889 or visit our website!

(This post is sponsored by CT Basement Systems)

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