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How many kids do you have and what are their age(s)?
I am a new mommy! Wait, can I still say that? I have one daughter who is one year old!

How long have you lived in Stamford? What made you decide to live here?
We have lived in Stamford for one year. I grew up in the city and my husband grew up in the suburbs of New York. Stamford has the perfect blend we were looking for.

What’s your favorite family activity in Stamford?
We love going to the Stamford Museum and Nature Center! The animals, the art and picnics by the lake. Whether it is just us or we bring friends, it is always nice to enjoy the grounds.

Where’s your favorite place to shop in Stamford?
I have a slight obsession with HomeGoods. Since our baby girl was born just two weeks after we moved to Stamford, we did not have much time for unpacking and decorating. Shopping at HomeGoods has helped my vision boards for our home come to life! As far as clothes for the family, Old Navy and Target are my jam! I love to shop, but hadn’t been much of a shopper in recent years, but my daughters growth spurts have reignited the shopper in me!

What are your diaper bag must haves when you leave the house?
I have to have Dr. Seuss’s ABC Book, puffs, a baby doll for Liv and a lip tint for mama!

What’s been your favorite “mommy moment” so far?
The first time she identified me as ‘Mama’ just melted my heart. She had said it before but when she looked at me and called for me it was one of the coolest moments. My other favorite moments are when we cuddle up watching her favorite show or movie. SING and Frozen are very popular in our home. Can never get enough of singing or dancing around the house!

What’s your favorite thing to do when you need some “me time”?
My favorite thing to do is put on a RomCom and cuddle up with either a cup of tea or a glass of wine. Depending on the day or week I have had!

Tell us about your career.
I am a self taught baker! I started making custom treats 7 years ago. I started out by baking for family and friends, then it evolved from there. I worked in the Medical Education field before jumping from creative outlet to creative outlet while still baking. Flour Love Sweets was my side hustle for many years before going full time after my daughter was born. I have made custom treats for all occasions and have been lucky enough to collaborate with some amazing people. I also recently started working as a stylist for Stella and Dot!

How has your career changed since becoming a mom?
I have owned my business for a few years and have always had a side hustle. When I returned from maternity leave I realized I needed to manage my time better for work-life balance. I wanted to focus on mommy hood and entrepreneurship so I let go of my side hustle. I have always had a lot going on in my career, wearing different hats and pouring myself into the many passions I enjoy. Becoming a mom has made me realize that I can take time to breathe, enjoy my family and still run a successful business.

What’s your favorite thing about your 2 businesses?
My favorite thing about Flour Love Sweets is making people happy. I am so fortunate to have clients who love my work and who at times trust me with creative freedom. To be part of someone’s family occasion is so special. Whether it is a birthday, anniversary or shower my business gets to partake in a small part of that person’s wonderful day.

As for Stella and Dot, I know what you’re thinking, ‘but you just gave up your other side hustle’. Stella and Dot                for me is just for fun. Yes, as a stylist you make a small income but I decided to be part of this company because it reminds me of who I was before I was a mom. When I first saw my daughter I did not understand how I lived so long without her. I love being a mom, along his new journey I started to feel like I was losing myself in a way.                  Becoming a stylist I get to hang out with the girls and focus on wearing products that keep me looking put together even when I feel like I am about to fall apart. And I get to help my fellow moms who may feel the same way.

How do you balance career & mommyhood?
As the new year starts I feel like I have a better handle on the balance then I have this past year. I am always working. My mind is constantly on creative flow thinking of new and innovative ways to grow my skills, mindset, business and give my clients the best of the best. I have a sitter one morning a week and I do most of my work during nap time and even some evenings after bed time. Time management is so important but it can also be difficult. I do feel the ‘mom guilt’ at times. Though it has been a struggle I try to mentally let go of my business headspace when I spend time with my family.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve gotten from another mom?
The best piece of advice I have received is to take time for self care. It is easier said than done. I would rather work during nap time and after bed time than spend time doing something for myself. In weeks of stress and feeling overwhelmed, I remember these words and try to take at the very least 20 minutes for some me time.

(Photos 1 & 2 by Sweet Alice Photography)
(Photo 3 by Lavender & Soul Photography)


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