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Mayor David Martin has declared a Snow Emergency in response to the National Weather Service’s Winter Storm Watch for Winter Storm Gail beginning at 8 a.m. on Wednesday Dec. 16 and continuing through to 12 p.m. on Friday, December 18. This storm is expected to bring heavy snow — roughly 10 to 14 inches — impacting travel conditions and potentially causing downed trees or power lines.

“Residents should always prepare an emergency back-up plan in the event of a storm, but this year preparation is more important than ever due to the complications of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic,” said Mayor David Martin. “Make sure you have a plan for if you lose power, internet access, or need temporary housing. You should prepare essential supplies but of course be mindful to wear a mask, use hand sanitizer, and socially distance to avoid infection of the COVID-19 virus.”

Due to the expected storm, Stamford’s garbage and recycling pickup will be delayed by one day on Thursday. Thursday pickup will take place on Friday, Friday pickup will take place on Saturday. The Katrina Mygatt Recycling Center will be closed on Thursday.

Stamford residents are strongly encouraged to familiarize themselves with the City’s Winter Weather and Snow Resources in preparation for Winter Storm Gail and sign up for CT Alerts (also known as “Reverse 911”) by clicking here. General information about CT Alerts can be found on the State’s website. Residents should be mindful of the following precautions and recommendations:

Emergency Snow Routes

When the Mayor declares a Snow Emergency, residents cannot park on routes identified as “Emergency Snow Route.”  Residents can instead park in the Bedford Street, Summer Street, or Bell Street parking garages for free, for the duration of the snow emergency. Emergency Snow Routes include (updated here):

  • Adams Avenue
  • Atlantic Street
  • Bedford Street
  • Belltown Road
  • Bridge Street
  • Broad Street (from Washington boulevard to main street)
  • Cove Road
  • Crescent Street (southside of the street)
  • Fifth Street
  • Forest Street
  • George Street
  • Glenbrook Road
  • Greenwich Avenue
  • Hope Street
  • Horton Street
  • Hoyt Street
  • Houston Terrace (east side)
  • Knickerbocker Avenue (east side, one-way portion of the road)
  • Lockwood Avenue
  • Main Street
  • Morgan Street
  • Myrtle Avenue
  • North Street (from Washington Street to Prospect Street)
  • Prospect Street
  • Seaside Avenue
  • Selleck Street
  • Shippan Avenue (from Elm Street to Magee Avenue)
  • Southfield Avenue
  • Stillwater Avenue (from West Main Street to Broad Street)
  • Summer Street
  • Third Street
  • Wenzel Terrace
  • West Avenue (from I-95 to Stillwater Avenue)
  • West Broad Street
  • West North Street

Alternate Parking Routes

For streets listed below, alternate side parking rules will automatically take effect whenever there is snow accumulation greater than two (2) inches. The purpose of alternate side parking rules is to facilitate snow removal by providing adequate maneuvering space for snow removal equipment on narrow roadways.

Alternate parking rules are implemented as such:

  • On even-numbered calendar days (2, 4, 6, 8, 10, etc.): Parking is only allowed on the even-numbered side of the street (addresses that end in an even number). No parking allowed on the odd-numbered side of the street (addresses that end in an odd number).
  • On odd-numbered calendar days (1, 3, 5, 7, 9, etc.): Parking is only allowed on the odd-numbered side of the street. No parking allowed on the even-numbered side of the street.

Affected streets include (updated here):

  • Aberdeen Street
  • Anderson Street
  • Annie Place
  • Austin Avenue
  • Berges Avenue
  • Borglum Street
  • Burr Street
  • Chestnut Street
  • Corbo Terrace
  • Crystal Street (Quintard Terrace to Daskam Place)
  • Dolsen Place
  • Douglas Avenue
  • Duncanson Street
  • Estwick Place
  • Fourth Street (Bedford Street to Dead End)
  • Franklin Street (Hoyt Street to Woodside Street)
  • Goodwin Street
  • Green Street
  • Greenwood Hill Street
  • Hanrahan Street
  • Homestead Avenue
  • Houston Terrace
  • Judy Lane
  • Knickerbocker Avenue (Bennett Street to Northill Street)
  • Leon Place
  • Leonard Street
  • Lipton Place
  • Mulberry Street (Ridgeway Street to Dead End)
  • Norton Hill Place
  • Pine Hill Avenue (Elmbrook Drive to Dead End)
  • Ranson Street
  • Reynolds Avenue
  • Richmond Place
  • Robert Court
  • Rose Park Avenue
  • Stone Street
  • Sylvandale Avenue
  • Travis Avenue
  • Vincent Avenue
  • Vincent Court
  • Vista Street
  • Woodside Street

Winter Weather Reminders

  • Downed power lines or power outages should be reported immediately to Eversource at 1.800.286.2000.
  • Life-threatening situations should be reported to 911. Non-emergency related issues can be reported to 203.977.4444.
  • Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the City’s only warming center will be:
    • Stamford’s Government Center Lobby located at 888 Washington Boulevard


  1. Register for Stamford’s Emergency Notification System CT Alerts. CT Alerts sends a phone call, text message, or email whenever there is an urgent announcement. Visit and click “Register for Alerts” or click here.
  2. Prepare an Emergency Supply Kit
    1. Keep an extra cell phone car-charger in your vehicle
    2. Bottled water, 3 to 5 day supply (1 gallon per person, per day)
    3. High-calorie, nonperishable food (granola bars, snack bars, etc.)
    4. Flashlights/battery operated lanterns
    5. Extra batteries
    6. Blankets or sleeping bags
    7. Extra clothes
    8. First aid kit
    9. Masks and hand sanitizer
  3. Develop an Emergency Plan. Organize a plan for you and your family should there be an emergency — especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Your plan should include how family members can contact one another, where to meet, and alternative housing options if you need to relocate from your home. Text messaging can often be sent successfully even if cellular service is unreliable.
  4. Be aware of the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning. In the event of a power outage, residents may use portable generators but these generators must be stored outside. This also applies to grilling devices. Using generators or grills indoors or enclosed spaces (such as large tents) can create a lethal build-up of carbon monoxide. Always run generators outdoors, away from doors, windows, or air intake vents, as far from your home as possible.
  5. Keep automobiles prepared. Fill your vehicle’s gas tank prior to a storm as power outages may disable gas stations. Keep a cell phone car-charger in the glovebox if you need to power your devices.
  6. Care for your pet. Bring pets/companion animals inside during winter weather.
  7. Stay informed. Updates will be posted to the City’s homepage as well as social media channels including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Nextdoor. Local news will also provide weather updates including WSHU Stamford Radio 91.1 FM and 1400 AM, WGCH Radio on 1490 AM, Fox Radio on 95.9 FM, and News 12 Connecticut on Channel 12.

Information from The City of Stamford

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