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Going into the pantry, only to discover there’s nothing you want to eat… or worse yet… there’s nothing your kids want to eat is the worst! And if it’s a time when you can’t leave the house… chances are chaos will ensue. That’s when Happy will swoop in to deliver and save the day!

Unlike other delivery services, Happy is the store, not the middleman and stocks thousands of items, from snacks, drinks and ice cream, including more than 20 flavors of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, to over-the-counter medicine and other household necessities.

Happy delivers QUICKLY and on-demand seven days a week from noon – 2:30 a.m.! So, when you have a sick little one home, just had a baby and can’t leave the house, have a teen who’s demanding pizza bagels while you’re at work, forgot dip for your holiday party, can’t leave the office but need a snack or have a college student who needs a care package, Happy will deliver.

And it won’t cost a fortune! Happy charges typically charges a $3.99 flat fee and items are not marked up from what you’d pay at the store. However, through the end of November, delivery is FREE! Happy currently delivers within five miles of 06907 in Stamford.

How does it work?

This post is sponsored by Happy.

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