So, what do you get for the dad who already has everything this Father’s Day? How about a new bottle of Bourbon to try?

Bellis Bourbon is a Connecticut-based company with a unique look and a smooth taste. Each bottle is packaged inside a mini bourbon barrel, allowing you to bring a rustic bourbon barrel into your home without trying to find somewhere to put it! Plus, it makes for a cute little decoration in the man-cave once the bottle is finished.

As for the taste, my husband (a big Bourbon fan) tried Belli’s Bourbon and enjoyed that it is both smooth and easy on the palette. He says it would be great for making an Old Fashion or Manhattan.

Belli’s Bourbon is available at several liquor stores in Stamford, including Wagon Wheel Fine Wine & Spirits. See a full list of places to buy a bottle, here!

Cheers to a Happy Father’s Day!

Thank you to Bellis Bourbon for gifting us a bottle!

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