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Pablo Picasso was right. The world’s most versatile, acclaimed artist understood that for children, artistic expression is the most natural impulse in the world. Unburdened by convention and expectation, the child creates art in its purest form, whether on canvas, in clay, through colorful collages or in wild and wonderful scribbling. They tap into the true, spontaneous impulses of their imagination and, when left to follow those impulses, learn the joys both of experimenting with textures, colors and shapes and bringing to life what their mind imagines. As they create art, children build the muscles of independence, learn to persevere when the clay collapses and cultivate the confidence that comes from creating something wholly original.

At The Children’s School, we nurture artistic expression not only by including art in our curriculum but also by providing numerous spaces that beckon children to create when they have time. And, while children are joyfully creating, whether it is shaping clay, painting, blending water colors or dabbling in mixed mediums, they are not only building the habits of mind described above, but also are unknowingly engaging in the work of play—learning. Fine motor skills, visual discrimination, planning, imagination and a host of other skills are being quietly and joyfully built, along with creations children feel proud of.  The journey is as important as the outcome, and children delight in both the act of creating and their creation. Our art areas tend to be social hubs as well, with children building relationships with teachers and students alike while gaining an appreciation of the many individual ways we can create.

Come tour The Children’s School and learn more about the thoughtful, sophisticated art program it has offered from its earliest days. Believing that fluency in art is as important as fluency in reading and math, the School gives children ample time and freedom in the art area to discover their capacity for creativity and personal expression: they choose the materials that interest them and use them in open-ended ways in painting, sculpture and collage. This approach strengthens students’ awareness that just as there are different ways to form a sculpture, so is there more than one way to solve a problem or write a story. As Head of School Maureen Murphy explains: “Through art, children grasp that it is the process, and not the end, that is the prize of all learning. Thus is the engine of ingenuity—of new, bold and original ideas—born and nurtured in the child.”  

You’re invited to learn more about all our programs, tour our beautiful campus and Art Barn, and meet teachers at our next Open House on Friday, December 10, from 5 to 7. Please RSVP by calling, (203) 329-8815.

For more information or to schedule a private tour, please call (203) 329-8815 or go to

The Children’s School serves children ages 3 to 8 and is located at 118 Scofieldtown Road, Stamford, CT.

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