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As parents, we all want our children’s first experiences with school to be full of exciting chances to learn and have fun. So, when choosing the perfect preschool for our children, it’s important to get all of the information we need in one place.

That’s why we put together the 2020 Stamford Moms Preschool Guide.

From daycare options to traditional preschool options and elementary and middle schools that begin with preschool, scroll down for what you need to know and where to go if you’d like to learn more.

All About Kids, Inc.


All About Kids specializes in encouraging intellectual, physical, and social development of children, ages 32 months to 5 years old, through music, art, and much more.

They are a family-owned and operated school that has been in business for 34 years now and are open all year round.

Please contact All About Kids for more information.
Call: (203) 323-4569
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.allaboutkidsinc.org

Bi-Cultural Hebrew Academy

Located on a beautiful 13-acre campus in Northern Stamford, Bi-Cultural Hebrew Academy provides students in PreK through 12th grade a comprehensive STEAM-based education that encourages critical thinking, nurtures creative expression and builds self-esteem.
Their Judaic Studies program instills in them the Jewish values that serve them well on every step of life’s journey.
To see more about what back to school looks like at Bi-Cultural Hebrew School this fall, take a look at their video, here!

Please contact Bi-Cultural Hebrew Academy for more information. 
Call: (203) 329-2186 ext. 1310
Email: [email protected]
Website: https://www.bcha-ct.org

Building Blocks Early Learning Center


Building Blocks Early Learning Centers are committed to providing a strong early education to infants, toddlers, and preschoolers.

Their Enrichment Programs put your child in the center of a fun-filled integrated learning environment where physical development and learning skills are the basis of every game, activity, and exercise. 

Their programs make learning fun and empower your child with the tools that foster creativity, curiosity, and confidence – everything they’ll need to succeed in school… and in life.

Please contact Building Blocks for more information on their programs. 
Call: Camp Avenue (203) 517-9769 | High Ridge (203) 569-5077
Email here
Website: www.blockslearning.com.

Catholic Academy of Stamford

At the Catholic Academy of Stamford, the PreK-3 and PreK-4 program is a social, emotional and academic program. 

At the Academy they believe everyone is an individual and we encourage them to be the best they can be. There are limited available seats in limited classes. 

Please contact Catholic Academy of Stamford Admissions for more information on their programs.
Call: (203) 322-6505

Email: [email protected]
Website: www.CasCt.org.

Children’s Learning Centers of Fairfield County

Children’s Learning Centers of Fairfield County (CLC) is NAEYC accredited and offers a research based curriculum that is individualized to meet each child’s needs.

CLC offers programs for children 6 weeks – 4 years old and provides breakfast, lunch and a snack daily.

Sliding scale fees are available for families who qualify. They are open and following CDC guidelines for COVID-19 safety.

Please contact CLC for more information about their programs.
Call: (203) 967-6960

Website: www.clcfc.org

The Children’s School

For meaningful learning, children need to be known well and understood by their teachers. At The Children’s School, teachers are masters at creating a warm, orderly, and stimulating environment that both invites students to discover their interests, and satiates their curiosity, creative imagination, and hunger to learn.
In the classrooms at The Children’s School, students build foundational skills as they delight in music and art, movement and dance, and converse in basic Spanish. Respecting that the early years are the most important in a child’s educational journey, at The Children’s School they are passionate about providing the gift of a good beginning, and instilling a lifelong love of learning.
For 55 years, the School has offered the best and brightest staff who, in combination with a unique pedagogical philosophy, serve the needs of the individual child, ages 3 to 8.

Please contact The Children’s School for more information.
Call: (203) 329-8815
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.childrensschool.org 

Easton Country Day School


Easton Country Day School’s Preschool & Daycare is called Little Phoenix.

Little Phoenix offers a comprehensive early childhood program providing exceptional, affordable care to children aged 6 weeks through 6 years.  Our programming incorporates  CT Early Learning and Developmental Standards with an emphasis on modeling/teaching respect for self, the environment, and others.  We offer a curriculum rich with fun and exciting hands-on experiences. The atmosphere here is safe and caring; we nurture each child’s ability to learn through play with a variety of developmentally appropriate activities in and outside of the classroom.  Our goal is to encourage independence, individuality, creativity, and a positive self-image for every child in our care.

For more information, please call (203) 268-5073.

Education Station at the IC


Education Stations at the IC is an innovative early childhood education program provides young children with an opportunity to explore, discover, create and grow through play-based learning–all in a safe and secure environment.

Through a child-centered approach, their passionate teachers help foster creativity and the curious love for learning that is innate in all children. They believe in nurturing the whole child through social-emotional, cognitive and gross motor development.

Please contact Education Station at the IC for more information on their programs. 
Call: (203) 322-6928
Email: [email protected]
Website: https://italiancenter.org/education-station/about-us/

Grace Daycare & Learning Center


At Grace Daycare & Learning Center, they treat you like family.

Their top priorities are your child’s education, safety, and your peace of mind. There are never extra fees, deposits or excuses. The all-inclusive enrollments offers meals (breakfast & lunch) and camera access so you can watch your child on any device at any time.

Please contact Grace Daycare & Learning Center for more information.
Call: (203) 504-8523
Email here
Website: https://gracedaycares.com/

Greenwich Catholic School

Greenwich Catholic School (GCS) is a close-knit, supportive community with rigorous academics, exceptional amenities, and supportive faculty, administration, and staff.
GCS is currently accepting applications for the Fall 2021 school year for students turning 3 years old through 8th grade.

Please contact Greenwich Catholic School for more information.
Call: (203) 869-4000 ext 109
Email here
Website: www.gcsct.org

Hubbard Heights Preschool


Hubbard Heights Preschool has beautiful new classrooms on the grounds of the Historic Hubbard Heights property near downtown Stamford. The preschool programs are for children ages 3 – 5 years old. 

The play-based preschool is designed to nurture the heart, mind, and spirit of each child. Your child will grow with relevant learning experiences, interactive teaching, and independent discovery.

The curriculum is age appropriate. It focuses on social-emotional and cognitive development. Through exploration and hands-on activities that are both child-centered and teacher-directed your child will love to learn.

Please contact Hubbard Heights Preschool for more information on their programs. 
Call: (203) 561-7477
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.hubbardheightspreschool.com

King School

Begin your academic journey in the King Lower School where the excellent, caring Faculty help students develop a foundation of skills vital for future learning and success.

Faculty are deeply committed to King’s approach to teaching and learning. They believe knowing students well is crucial for learning, because students who feel known and understood are more likely to engage fully.

Please contact King School tor more information. 
Call: (203) 322-3496
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.kingschoolct.org

Learning Center at Piper’s Hill


The Learning Center at Piper’s Hill is a non-profit, State of CT licensed, Child Care Center caring for children ages 6 weeks to 5 years in the Stamford area for over 50 years.

Their experienced staff is committed to providing meaningful and developmentally appropriate learning experiences for all our children. Piper’s Hill encourages an inclusive environment that supports a diverse community. Piper’s Hill also accepts Care 4 Kids families.

Please contact Piper’s Hill for more information on their programs. 
They look forward to speaking with you.
Call: (203) 968-2468
Email: [email protected]
Website: https://pipershill.org/

The Long Ridge School

The Long Ridge School is an independent, co-educational elementary school (2 year olds/Preschool through Grade 5), located on a spectacular campus tucked away on 14 woodland acres in North Stamford, Connecticut.
The Long Ridge School is a small school by design, where children stay children longer and thrive in an environment created specifically for them. Long Ridge embraces gold-standard academic programs with a modern, collaborative, problem-solving approach, and the school is a diverse and globally inclusive community where every child is known as a unique individual and learning is an active, joyful experience.

Please contact Long Ridge School for more information.
Call: (203) 322-7693
Email: [email protected] 
Website: www.longridgeschool.org

The Nurtury Montessori


The Nurtury in Westchester, NY is committed to promoting quality Montessori child care for children from 6 weeks to 6 years old, based on these key American Montessori Society concepts. The Primary Program is for ages 3 – 6.

Primary children possess a remarkable ability to absorb the world that surrounds them. Maria Montessori believed that the years from three to six are the most critical period for nurturing curiosity and for laying the foundation for all future development.

Please contact Nurtury Montessori for more information on their programs.
Call: (914) 632-6200
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://thenurtury-montessori.com

A Place Like Home


At A Place Like Home, they believe that learning takes place when the child is in an appropriated environment with age appropriated activities. 

They offer a safe and healthy environment to mature physical, social, emotional and cognitive development by guiding and supporting your child during this fun experience of growing up.

Please contact A Place Like Home for more information on their programs.
Call: (202) 890-9497
Email: [email protected] 
Website: www.aplacelikehomect.com

Union Memorial Preschool


Union Memorial Preschool is a small preschool in the heart of Glenbrook for children ages 18 months to 5 years.

The preschool utilizes the British Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum which nurtures children’s natural curiosity and interests and prepares them to be lifelong learners. This play based curriculum is full of exploration, creativity and fun in a warm, safe and welcoming environment.

Please contact Union Memorial Preschool for more information.
Call: (203) 425-9858

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.unionmemorialpreschool.com

Whitby School


Located in Greenwich CT, Whitby is a co-educational independent school that provides educational continuity for children 18 months through Grade 8 in the Fairfield-Westchester area.

The premier Whitby Montessori Children’s House three-year program and the highly-recognized International Baccalaureate (IB) program in Grades 1-8 form the foundation that empowers Whitby students to think creatively and critically, preparing them as life-long learners and global citizens.

Please contact Whitby School for more information.
Call: (
203) 302-3900
[email protected]
Website: www.whitbyschool.org

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